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Halloween Goodies

October 30, 2011 2 comments
On all three ::Duh!:: Mary Janes Orange – Halloween Subscribo Group Gift
al vulo – Easy merry widow sikly tone (former group gift no longer available)
Raw House Raquella Lt Brown Hair – Seasons Hunt (last day)
RottenDefiance Hang U Shirt Bottom Orange Skull Hunt (free)
RottenDefiance Haunted Carosel Tee Skull Hunt (free)
Sheep Door Check Pants In store group gift
Glam Affair Amelie Skin Silent Doll – Group Gift (30L join fee)
Lo*momo* 3rd anniversary Hair with Hat Group Gift in store
Lo*momo* 3rd anniversary Dress Group Gift in store
Mother Goose’s Milla skin – Lucky Board
fri. Apple II Ash Blonde (not free)
Jane Needful things romper copper – subscribo group gift, check history
Jane lil piggies tights fuzzy cedar – subscribo group gift, check history
Pivaaca Cable Knitting Vest Light Grey – Season’s Hunt Gift
::Para Designs:: Musicfest Black Light Tattoo – Zombie Popcorn Hunt
I’m taking this chance to show you my Halloween gift to my subscribers.  My Mary Janes in an unreleased rusty orange color are headed your way if you belong to my subscriber group.  If you don’t yet, you can join and hit up the redelivery terminal for all my past gifts.
Both the Zombie Popcorn and Seasons Hunts are ending (the Seasons Hunt is actually over tonight) so hurry out if you haven’t grabbed these gifts.  Also available for hunting fun are gifts from RottenDefiance.  The sign at the landing point says there are 10 skulls but I found quite a few more than that.  The gifts are a nice assortment of clothing, hoofs and horns.  And don’t forget to check the subscriber history (#2 right now) for Jane’s one year anniversary gifts.  They are an incredibly generous assortment of tights, rompers and sweaters in every color you can imagine!

Zombie Popcorn Hunt Wrap Up

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment

80 stores and I found them all in a few hours!  Go ME!  You are hunting for a cute little zombie doll in a bag of popcorn.  You can see quite a few of the prizes right on the hunt website (here), and join the group for a notecard with the landmarks and hints.  Start here and while you wait for things to rez, have a look at some of the prizes.

The only thing you see here not from the hunt is the !lamb hair I just can’t take off .  Other than that, EVERYTHING is a hunt prize.  Now here’s where I’m going to be mean.  It took a long time to snap all these photos, cuz there were SO many great prizes.   I really think you should do the entire hunt, and therefore, I’m not going to tell you where these outfits/skins/items are from.  I know, I’m a stinker.

If you MUST know, you can check my flickr for the original photos.   The names/tags will give you some clues.  But seriously, do the hunt.  There are plenty of great gifts I couldn’t work in here (especially decor).It’s well organized, everything is out, the note card is tres helpful, it’s a good length, and those popcorn guys are easy to spot (wire frame is your friend).

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