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Sometimes a Hunt Gift Just Speaks to Me

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I could show you literally dozens of things I love from the Seasons Hunt Autumn.. but the rifles and pose from dfo.  are just.  Well.  They are rifles.  With poses.  I am pleased.



Everything noted, except the skin, is from the hunt.


fri. Apple Ash Blonde

Insufferable Dastard – Colors of Fall / Red Eyes

Skin – Adam n Eve _ Aradne Halloween (group gift in store, 1L join fee!)

Cheap Makeup – Sparkly Blood Tears

!Ohmai Faux White Pygmy Vest

Ingenue Bijou Dress Cranberry

Willow Creek Moccasin

LaGyo Crudelia Earrings


BRB accessories *bambi Hug* bangles (upper arm)



Raw House Raquelle Lt. Brown

Addict LUCILLE Sweater Dress Moss

Insufferable Dastard Colors of Fall/Brown Eyes

MAGIC NOOK Indian Summer Leggings


Pose and Props dfo! gone huntin’

Background L2 Studio – The Caramel House


The blog is here, with the slurls to all the stores.  You are looking for Pete the Pumkin.  Some of them are tough to find, but all of them are worth it!



October 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy Halloween from me too!

Hair – Truth Cleo Streaked Orange – Subscribo Gift (check history)

Skin – Cupcakes Kawaii Copper Funky Cleavage – Midnight Mania (nearly full for today, but check back tomorrow)

Dress – Sweeter than Candy! Group Gift Caprice Taupe Rosy Mauve – join the subscribo gift and hit the gift delivery sign in the store

Headband – Glow Studio Former Dressing Room Blue Special Beige Roses Headband

Necklace – LaGyo Crystal Long Necklace (not free)

Shoes – Maitreya Neyya Toe Cap Powder Pink (not free)

Puppet Strings – Surf Couture for the Melt installation (no longer available)


SYSY sent out these lovely shrugs to the blogger group, and I fell in love as soon as I put them on.  I love the texture detailing and the beautiful belled sleeves.   The poses were also a gift to the blogger group from Fanny Willis of *EverGlow*.  Very graceful! Fanny also has a nice gift set of poses out in the store next to the subscribo for 1Linden.  The necklace and skin are currently at the dressing room.  You’ve seen the skin from Tuli everywhere, but it’s certainly worth showing again.  The necklace is color change and a wonderful length from LaGyo, who’s designs are everywhere these days.  I paid a vist to the shop and immediately new why.  They are interesting, eclectic and very well made.

Hair – fri. Cassie anxious blond – not free
Skin – Tuli The Dressing Room Gina 03 – 65L
Dress – {SMS} Chiffon Dress Mauve (old Dressing Room offering)
Tights – {SMS} Dot Tights Pink (old Gift)
Shoes – Duh! Mauve Leather Booties – 25L
Necklace – LaGyo Crystal Long Necklace (color change) – The Dressing Room – 50L
Shrug – SYSY’S Shrug – Violet (comes with a tank, not shown) (review copy) -85L

Pose – *EverGlow* (review copy)

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Down The Rabbit Hole…





Feed Your Head

A brand new shopping sim opening tomorrow with a bunch of great stores!!

Bagley, Hourglass Shapes, SINdecade, Tacky Star, Corry’s Attic, Cupcakes & Poetry, lessthanthree<3, Split Pea, Duh!, Pig Shop, This is a Fawn, The Sea Hole, Doux Petit Dahl, Periquita, Inorite, Store with No Name, IZUMIYA, La Sylphide, Sugar Mill, MnM Design, C’est la vie, Pocket Mirrors, Herbalys, Miel, LaGyo, kitsch me., SARS, *ENCEMBLE*, lamb, Reek, MilkMotion, Chinese Takeout, Adjunct, Lazy Places, Boutique of Oddness, Figure 8, Salsa, Ticky Tacky, Thimbles, Pudge, Donna Flora, Golden Delish, Subacultcha, Sprawl, Shape’ly Shape Shack, Scribble, smudge, Cheap Love Song…and much more!

(Special thanks to Annunziata Macchi for photos <3)

Hallie ❤