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January 16, 2010 21 comments

I spent the last day or so doing the Shoe and Accessory Hunt and the Heat Wave Hunt.   There are a lot of nice things in both these hunts and I have picked a few to feature here.  I can’t blog everything in the hunts, that isn’t what I do.  erm.  More on that later.  For now, here is some of what I found.


(click for larger)

~This wonderful hoodie is from Ducknipple for the Heat Wave Hunt.  Wonderful textures and the hood sculpt is great!   See details for the rest of the hunt items in this photo. 
Jacket:  Ducknipple Heat Wave Hunt Cherie Hoodie  Blue  Free 
Bag:  KOSH Shoe and Accessory Hunt Asphyxia Shoulderbag Rainy Night  Free 
Necklace:  *ICED* Heat Wave Hunt Starfish Necklace Free 
Hair:  IrEn Heat Wave Hunt Nora (hair is texture change)  Free 
Belt:  *BLIZTED* Shoe and Accessory Hunt Classic Belt Old Leather Brown  Free
Boots:  Reek Shoe and Accessory Hunt Autumn Boots Navy  Free 
Jeans:  Surf Couture Belmar Skinny Jeans Dark Blue  (review copy) 
Skin:  Redgrave Leona Natural 

**Edit again!  Apparently, Reek renamed his sim so the URL from when I was there wasn’t working.  It is corrected now.

*EDIT!! The Redgrave skin is not free!  That “free” came from a line above when I copy/pasted and I didn’t catch it.  Sorry!!   Sometimes the formatting goes wonky.  :-/



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~I love this top from WWI for the Heat Wave Hunt.  It comes with an optional lace bra and really nice scuplted sleeves. 
~The glasses from Kumaki are really cool.  They come with several different scenes printed on the lens and can be opaque or transparent.  These will be great for photos in different outdoor locations. 
~The Indyra Originals bag is fantastically textured and comes in two sizes.
~see details for other hunt items.
~This hair is a new release from Magika which I think is adorable.  It has a texture change band and a really cute curly offset bun.

Top:  Worldwide Industries Heat Wave Hunt Too Tight Tan Floral  Free 
Necklace:  Necklace:  *ICED* Heat Wave Hunt Starfish Necklace  Free  
Shoes:  Heart & Sole Heat Wave Hunt River Pink  Free
Mouth thing:  Lacie Cakes Heat Wave Hunt Tropical Umbrella NomNom Free
Glasses:  Kumaki Glasses Shoe & Accessory Hunt GoodWorld 1.00  Free  
Bag:  Indyra Originals Shoe & Accessory Hunt The Ireben Carry-all  Free 
Skirt:  Tuli Worn Denim Mini Skirt Dirty Gray 
Hair:  Magika Susan Red D  (new release) (review copy)
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 9 (cleavage)  



(click for larger)

~These cute shoes are by Kalnins for the Shoe and Accessory Hunt.  They come in both male and female sizes and are texture change to 11 different textures. 
~The belt is by Ducknipple for the Shoe and Accessory Hunt…they are giving such great prizes!!
~The hoorenbeek glasses can attach at your hip, chest or face.  That’s kinda fun. 

Scarf:  [JP]:dsg. Shoe and Accessory Hunt Scarf (color change)  Free 
Shoes:  Kalnins Shoe and Accessory Hunt SlipOns  Free 
Belt:  Ducknipple Shoe and Accessory Hunt Viking Belt Brown  Free 
Glasses:  Hoorenbeek  Shoe and Accessory Hunt Risky Glasses (chest attach)  Free 
Mouth Piercing:  [skream!] Shoe and Accessory Hunt  “confessions” piercing  Free 
Top:  Surf Couture Rendezvous Printed V Neck Moss (new release, review)
Jeans:  [Decoy] Dana 76 Jeans Dark  50L Sale 
Hair:  Magika Susan Red D  (new release) (review copy)


(click for larger)

~And now I need to take some time to relax after all that work!  😛 
This bathtub is the Heat Wave prize from Cheeky Pea and comes with both single and couple poses!  Yes, I am wearing pasties…wearing clothes seemed wrong, but we couldn’t have full on nip! 

Bath:  Cheeky Pea Heat Wave Hunt Slipper Bath Free 
Hair:  Magika Susan Black A

Poses:  LAP and Glitterati

I am sure I will use many more of the prizes from these hunts in future posts.  There has been some snark lately where people say that if you don’t show every item from a hunt that you are somehow taking the “easy” way out.  I would disagree with that as putting together outfits from the hunt items, finding locations, poses, good lighting and trying to show the items well, is a long and laborious project.  I give mad props to those that take a photo of every item, but we can’t and shouldn’t all be blogging the same way…that would be no fun at all.  I would suggest that we all blog what we like, how we like and not worry so much about how other people are blogging.  Diversity is what makes SL interesting, isn’t it?


Down the Chimney Hunt

December 6, 2009 3 comments

So I tried to get a jump on things and start this hunt last night, but it turns out, a lot of stores weren’t quite ready and the official start to the hunt has been delayed until noon SLT today.  You can check the blog for a list of stores, which is what I did and just hopped around to find the stuff that was out. 

I did find lots of good stuff, but if I were you, I would wait until they get everything up and running so you don’ t have to go back to a ton of stores like I do.  I think this is definately (edit, spelling fail) a hunt worth doing!  Only 100 stores and there are tons of great stores.  I can’t wait to see the rest of the prizes!
Here are some of my faves from what I did find. 

(click for larger)

~In the first photo, the skirt, top, scarf, bracelet, hair and glasses are all from the hunt. 
~The skin throughout this post is Dinah by Tyranny and today is the last day of the 220L skin sale.  LOVE these skins.
~In the second photo, the jacket and skirt are from the hunt.
~The hair is a ::69:: new release and is adorable. It comes with the color change scarf!

Please note:  I can make no guarantees on the URL’s.  Things are still being moved around, but hopefully, I will at least get you to the right store.  😛

Skirt:  Narwhal Chimney Hunt #42 High Waist Super Skirt  Free 
Top:  Pig Chimney Hunt #70 Ambrosia Bodysuit T Burgundy  Free
Scarf:  Split Pea Chimney Hunt #72 Baby, It’s Cold Outside  Free
Bracelet:  alaMood Chimney Hunt#6 LaRue Silver Cuff  Free 
Glasses:  Kumaki Glasses Style Chimney Hunt #69 Atmosphere  Free 
Hair:  SHAG Chimney Hunt #80 Caught Chestnut   Free 
Skin:  Tyranny Dinah in Fall Toast Bare 2  220L Sale Ends Today 
Tights:  Sh*t Happens Tintable Tights 

Jacket:  Modd.G Chimney Hunt #56 Leigh Jacket Pink  Free 
Skirt:  Couverture Chimney Hunt #54 Vintage Flower Skirt   Free
Tank:  BOOM Subtle Creek Tank (former hunt gift) 
Hair:  ::69:: Verte 03 Dark Auburn 300L 

(click for larger)

~1st photo, sweater and boots are from the hunt.
~Hair is from the sale.

~2nd photo, jacket, top and necklace are from the sale.
*a note on the Lark top…this is actually a dress, but the texture was not loading on the skirt.  It could have been just me, but I did notify the designer, so if it was an SL issue, she is going to fix it.
~Hair is another ::69:: new release.

Sweater:  *Fishy Strawberry* Chimney Hunt #23 Chunky Norwegian Wool  Free 
Boots:  Duh! Chimney Hunt #9 Snow Booties White  Free 
Hair: Rashelle Jealous Red  75L 
Jeans:  Hucci Gold Diamond Denim (review copy) 

Jacket:  Kyoot Chimney Hunt #75 Tiny Collar Cropped Jacket  Free 
Top:  Lark Chimney Hunt #87 Flannel Dress Top only  Free 
Necklace:  Bliensen + MaiTai Chimney Hunt #11 Necklace Amber  Free
Skirt:  Kyoot Couduroy Mini Nutty (50L Friday Item)
Hair:  ::69:: New Release Terre Auburn 300L  

(click for larger)

~1st photo, sweater is from Chimney hunt, and the jeans are from the Peace on Earth Hunt. 
~2nd photo, jacket and necklace from Chimney Hunt.
~hair in both, sale.

Sweater:  BOOM Chimney Hunt #30 Down the Chimney Hunt Free 
Jeans:  WOE Peace on Earth Hunt Gift #25 Lowrise Jeans Free 
Hair: Jasmine2 Jealous Red  75L 

Jacket:  Ducknipple Chimney Hunt #25 Eppo Black  Free 
Necklace:  Bliensen + MaiTai Chimney Hunt #11 Necklace Amber  Free 


(click for larger)

~1st photo, jacket and necklace from the Chimney Hunt.  The necklace from D-Lab cracks me up.
~2nd photo, sweater, scarf, earmuffs and mouth thing from Chimney Hunt.  The mouth thing is from .44 Caliber and the gift also includes a nice green jacket.  I ran out of steam for photos and didn’t take one of it.  Also, be careful when you are there, I touched the book and accidently bought the dress from the vendor the book was on.  It looks like a nice dress, but still…

Jacket:  BALACLAVA Chimney Hunt #14 Holiday Jacket (open collar)  Free 
Necklace:  D-Lab Chimney Hunt #36 mole necklace  Free 
Hair: Jasmine Jealous Red  75L 

Sweater:  Zenith Fashions Chimney Hunt #47 Black & Red Vest & Sweater  Free 
Earmuffs:  Artilleri Chimney Hunt #20 Fluffy Earmuffs Free 
Scarf:  Petunia Chimney Hunt #76 Guys Scarf  Free 
Mouth Thing:  .44 Caliber – Djinn&Tonic Chimney Hunt #63 Christmas Sugar Cookie  Free 
Jeans:  Naive Peace on Earth Hunt Gift #16 Chupin Pants   Free 
Hair: Dylan Scornful Red  75L 

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose