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Sometimes a Hunt Gift Just Speaks to Me

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I could show you literally dozens of things I love from the Seasons Hunt Autumn.. but the rifles and pose from dfo.  are just.  Well.  They are rifles.  With poses.  I am pleased.



Everything noted, except the skin, is from the hunt.


fri. Apple Ash Blonde

Insufferable Dastard – Colors of Fall / Red Eyes

Skin – Adam n Eve _ Aradne Halloween (group gift in store, 1L join fee!)

Cheap Makeup – Sparkly Blood Tears

!Ohmai Faux White Pygmy Vest

Ingenue Bijou Dress Cranberry

Willow Creek Moccasin

LaGyo Crudelia Earrings


BRB accessories *bambi Hug* bangles (upper arm)



Raw House Raquelle Lt. Brown

Addict LUCILLE Sweater Dress Moss

Insufferable Dastard Colors of Fall/Brown Eyes

MAGIC NOOK Indian Summer Leggings


Pose and Props dfo! gone huntin’

Background L2 Studio – The Caramel House


The blog is here, with the slurls to all the stores.  You are looking for Pete the Pumkin.  Some of them are tough to find, but all of them are worth it!



Bad Blood and Virtual Insanity Hunts

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

… with a little [AV] VLODIVIC and Modd.G thrown in.   Both the Bad Blood Sim and Virtual Insanity are hosting hunts for smallish sculpted ghosts.  Lots of fun prizes in both hunts, including a ton of character skins (from Mango Mango and Tacky Star).    As I was finishing up the hunts, notices came about VLODIVIC’s going out of business sale (everything is 1L) and these fun photo cubes from Modd.G.

Skin – Mango Mango Hangover (Bad Blood Sim Hunt) – Free

Hair – Clawtooth Fancy Fancy Coco (former 50L Friday item)

Dress – AV 50’s Housewives Red – 1L

Shoes – Ingenue Clara Gatcha “Ebon”  (Thank you Hallie!) 90L

Photo Cube – Modd.G “Made of Old Irregular Dreams” Scene – Free

Skin – Tacky Star : Pop in Pale (Bad Blood Sim Hunt) – Free

Hair – [e] Say (fatpack) in Black 05 – Free

Suit – Jane Essence full suit raven – 50L today

Shirt – (part of) !WhAtEvR! Hunt Gift (Bad Blood Sim Hunt) – Free

Lashes – Tacky Star : Lulu Lashes (Bad Blood Sim Hunt) – Free

Necklace – Virtual Insanity Halloween Hunt Ghost 6 – Free

Rings/nails – Virtual Insanity Halloween Hunt Ghost 5 – Free

Shoes – Ingenue Clara Gatcha “Ebon”  (Thank you Hallie!) 90L

Photo Cube – Modd.G “Made of Forest Animals and Folklore” Scene – Free


[AV] VLODIVIC is great for semi formal and vintage inspired dresses.  Lots of  color and wonderful texturing on those.  It’s really a shame to see the creator leaving SL, but swing by and grab a couple of dollarbie pieces before it’s too late.

The Modd.G cubes are upstairs, and themed to go with their new releases.  They are mod, which is wonderful, since a few of the pieces buried my feed or arms, but were easily fixed.  Each cube is free and comes with three pose possibilities.

The lovely black suit  is a day long special offering from Jane (Janie Marlowe, formerly of Mischief) for only 50L.  I love the direction she’s taken this new store and will probably get around to buying everything there eventually.

Seasons Hunt Follow-up

September 25, 2010 2 comments

Just a  few more gifts that weren’t available when Gabby and Perion did their review (and some repeats) :


From the hunt
Skin – & Bean Old Bones IBLEWC3PO IN THE FALL Tan
Hair – !Ohmai A little nutty (modded)
Shirt – {SMS} Longsleeve Tee Brown
Sweater – Pig There b leaves on it
Skirt – PDIDDLE High Wasted Tube Skirt
Tights – Twosome Harvest Tights – Maroon
Skybox – Magic Nook
Chair – Reek Amira Wicker Chair
Skin – & Bean Old Bones IBLEWC3PO IN THE FALL Tan
Hair – Tiny Bird Have you Forgotten Rich Brown
Pants/shirt – rbcg.SHF pant/tank
Sweatshirt – Doppleganger Inc Westwood Prep Sweatshirt
Skin – & Bean Old Bones IBLEWC3PO IN THE FALL Tan
Hair – SUGARCUBE – September Hair Honey (modded)
Sweater – Hoot Cropped Cardigan Purple
Skirt – Whippet and Buck Drew Mini Skirt Aubergine
Poses: Skin and Bones & DARE
Skin – & Bean Old Bones IBLEWC3PO IN THE FALL Tan
Hair – Clawtooth One Fine Day AutumnMix (with Leaves)
Dress – Ingenue Highland Traveler Season’s Hunt
Jewlery – Scribble Autumn Leaf Set
Dress – Elate! Mei (Emerald)
Hair – *eha – Aki Season hunt
Bridge – Glitterati Bridge
Pumpkins – Schedenfreude Spiderjack and Spiderflake Jack
Poses – From the bridge

More Easter Huntin’

I agree with Renee…there is too much stuff going on this weekend!  I did manage to do some of the Mixed Up Bunny Hunt, a tiny bit of the Starlust hunt,  and grabbed a couple other things to show you from Super Bargain Saturday and Stumblebum.


(click for larger)

~First is this fabulous skin from L Fauna.  This is a gift in the subscribo and is available for redelivery.  Go join the subscribo and then touch the mailbox next to it.  This skin come in 3 tones, with or without freckles. 
~The dress is by Urbanity for Super Bargain Saturday, so you will have to hurry to grab this deal.
~The hair is Lamb and is for the Stumblebum Brigade.  You get two different styles for 150L.
~The bracelet is by LacieCakes for the Mixed Up Bunny Hunt.  You have to go here and get the egg, then go to the LM in the folder, wear the egg in the folder and touch the basket. 



(click for larger)

~These rings from alaMood?  Everyone needs them!  They are from the Mixed Up Bunny Hunt and are really cool!
~The dress and jewelry are from Elate and Ganked for the MUBH.  The shoes and socks are from Ingenue and Pig for the Starlust Egg Hunt. 
~and yes, that is my bunny making a cameo in the background there.  He hopped over when I snapped the pic.  Awww. 

Details Pic 1:

Dress: Urbanity Super Bargain Saturday Brown Zipped SBS  60L
Hair:  Lamb Stumblebum Bridage Stargaze Kit Kat (2 styles) 150L
Bracelet:  LacieCakes MUBH Deanna Bracelet  Free 
Necklace:  Sigma Aura Necklace   
Skin:  L. Fauna Group Love Skin [Faberge] Lapine Tan 1  Free

Poses:  Amacci @ Pose Fair

Details pic 2:

Dress:   (Elate!) MUBH Joy Easter Dress Pink  Free 
Socks:  Pig Starlust Egg Hunt Duotone Socks Sherbert  Free 
Shoes:  Ingenue Starlust Egg Hunt Dianthus Blush  Free  
Rings:  alaMood MUBH Sweet Stacked Spring Rings  Free 
Jewelry:  Ganked MUBH Bunnies Revenge Set  Free 
Skin:  L. Fauna Group Love Skin [Faberge] Lapine Tan 1  Free
Hair:  Truth Mena Fudge

Pose:  Olive Juice Starlust Hunt   Free

Springy Pink – Gifts and Cheapies

March 12, 2010 1 comment

It has been really warm where I live which makes me long for spring.  Can’t wait for green grass and flowers!


(click for larger)

~I got a new release notice today from Multiple Personality Designs and trotted over to check it out. I am wearing the skirt and tank from the Complete Package outfit.  It comes in 5 colors and is only 1L per set, which also includes a shrug and flip flops. 
~The recent group gift top I picked up from Forbidden Apple went really nicely.  Go to the store, join the group and touch the vendor to get this cute top, with really nicely fitted prim parts. 
~The skin is a dollarbie from A.Y.Y. and you get three tones. I am showing the tan.  Buy the gift bag on the counter. 


(click for larger)

~The eyes are from a new to me store called Ibanez and a big thanks to Evangeline Miles for plurking about them!  There is a Midnight Mania to hit up, and these are a gift in the store. 
~The bracelet is the March in store group gift from [fairy tail]. 

Top:  ::f*a:: Group Gift Check Primshirt Sa Ku Ra  Free 
Skirt and Tank:  Multiple Personality Designs Complete Package Pink 1L
Bracelet:  [fairy tail] March Gift Bitter Rose Bracelet Pink  Free 
Shoes:  Ingenue Audrei Berry (former Midnight Mania) 
Eyes:  Ibanez Eyes Freebie Blue Eyes  Free  
Skin:  A.Y.Y. All Tones Kimberly (tan) Dollarbie  1L 
Hair:  Truth Nadia Sangria 

Location:  Alirium Gardens 

Poses:  Glitterati 

Black heart

February 6, 2010 Leave a comment

What I’m wearing:
Skin:  [PF] Skye <Milk> -Pink Sugar  (from the Valentine’s Day bazaar)
Hair:  Armidi – The Rainy Day – Chocolat
Tattoo:  flowey poses & stuffs – be still my heart
Top:  Lark – Grace Blouse – Dried Lavender
Skirt:   Ohmai – Basic One – Piece  Pitch
Leggings:  Tee*fy – Pink Romance
Flats:  Ingenue – Dianthus – Noir
Pose:  Pink Pebble Poses

Hallie ❤

Forbidden Fruit Hunt

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment

There is a small hunt going on at the LoLo Shopping District.  I really like these smaller hunts;  the grid wide hunts are just so big, and there are so many, it is becoming impossible to do them all.  These smaller ones are so much more pleasant, and you can get them done in a reasonable time.

I am really glad I heard about this hunt because I found some wonderful dresses from Ingenue and some very nice jewelry from Caroline’s.

(click for larger)

~This Ingenue gown is now one of my new favorites.  The color is spectacular, and I adore the the sparkly bodice and hem, and the asymetrical strap.  All perfect! 
~The earrings that came with the PRIMALOT Group Gift that was released yesterday go perfectly with this.  Go to the store and touch the subscribo, then touch the thing next to it, and you can ask for the past group gifts. 
~This skybox, which made a lovely backdrop for this gown, is one of the weekly dollarbies at KOSH.  I love it a lot!  So unique and the view and lighting inside are so well done!

Dress:  Ingenue Forbidden Fruit Hunt Apple #6 Starbright Cyan  Free 
Earrings:   PRIMALOT Group Gift Filigree  Free 
Bracelet:  Dark Mouse Retro Stripe Bangle 
Hair:  Truth Yvette Night 
Skybox:  KOSH Dollarbie Underwater City Skybox  1L


(click for larger)

~This is another one of the Ingenue prizes, and is so pretty.  I love the opened effect on the bodice and the jacket layer belt.  And yes, I know I am getting pixelization problems in some of my photos. /stabs SL  It seems to be happening when I am taking “outdoor” photos mostly.  I am not sure why, as I have my graphics cranked up and anti-aliasing on.  *sighs* 
~The rose choker is from Bliss Couture for the Hunt and the bracelet which matches this dress nicely is free from H.G.
~The hair is a recent Group Gift from LollipopZ (in group notices) and the shoes are free at 50 Flats.

Dress:  Ingenue Forbidden Fruit Hunt Apple #8 Hibiscus Cooler Mauve  Free  
Necklace:  Bliss Couture  Forbidden Fruit Hunt Apple #9 Rose Choker  Free 
Hair:  LollipopZ Group Gift La Femme Red  Free 
Earrings:  Ticky Tacky SOS Hunt Peel Me a Grape Earrings   Free
Bracelet:  H.G. Beaded Bracelet Amethyst  Free 
Shoes:  50 Flats Vintage Rose Mint  Free 
Skin in both photos above:  *Staged* Group Gift Elizabeth 2 Winged Coral   Free 


(click for larger)

~The yellow dress is the 3rd prize from Ingenue for the Forbidden Fruit Hunt.  The back is open and quite sexy.   
~I am wearing the Caroline’s jewelry from the hunt, in gold.  There is also silver in the hunt prizes. 

~The top on the right is not from the hunt, but is another case of “I got a photo that needs to be stuck in a post.”  😛 
This top is from Malt for the Modiva Fashion Week.  There are quite a few gifts out, but when I went the place was so lagged, I only managed to snag a few.
~The earrings are from Digit Darkes for the Modiva Fashion Week and are a couple doors down from where you find the Malt gift.

On Left:
Dress:  Ingenue Forbidden Fruit Hunt Apple #7 Anna May Gold Leaf  Free 
Jewelry:  Caroline’s orbidden Fruit Hunt Apple #12 & #13 Multi Pearl Cluster Bracelet and Earrings in Gold  Free    
Hair:  Tiny Bird Hey Jude III Pomergranate 

On Right:
Top:  MALT Fashions Modiva Fashion Week Gift  Free 
Hair: LollipopZ Group Gift La Femme Red  Free 
Earrings:  Digit Darkes Modiva Fashion Week Gift Noir Earrings  Free
Skin:  Pink Fuel Diamond Hunt Gift Raine Honey Rainbow Shock  Free 

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose  and MNK Shop