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Lara Croft does Dark Katz

This skin from Glam Affair at the Dressing Room looked very Angelina Jolie to me.  I did parts of the Dark Katz 2 Hunt today and this belt from LouLou & Co. combined with the skin, sort of inspired this whole get up.


(click for larger)

~Click the picture above a couple times to see the larger version of the photo to see the belt details.  The LouLou&Co. belt is fab and had all sorts of fun and dangerous stuff attached to it;  a knife, bottles of poisonous looking stuff, sharp pins, and a cross.  I love it and am never taking it off.  LouLou&Co never disappoints with hunt gifts! 
~Other items I am wearing from the Dark Katz hunt are the vest from Duh! , the tank from WOE, the tattoo from Wicked Tattoos, and the leg strap guns from Voltai.  The guns have a resize script, but wouldn’t work for me.  It is still pretty cool though.  
~I won the jeans from WOE when I was in the store looking for the Dark Katz prize.  The boots are a group gift still available from Hoorenbeek, but I am not sure for how much longer. You have to join the subscribo and then wait 2 weeks to get the boots. 
~The Glam Affair skin, as I mentioned, is from the Dressing Room sale and was only 70L .  The skin tone is a little dusky, but I thought it worked well for this post-apocalyptic scene I had going on here.

The Dark Katz Hunt blog is here and you can get the URL’s to all the stores, if you feel like skipping around, like I did.  It is also useful if you get stuck.

Belt:  .:* LOULOU&CO *:. Dark Katz Hunt #66 -Belt :: GOTHIKA ::   Free 
Tank:  :. WoE .:  Dark Katz Hunt #101 Kyle Light Grey Tank   Free 
Vest:  ::Duh!:: Dark Katz Hunt #15 Knit Vest   Free 
Tattoo:  ::Wicked Tattoos:: Dark Katz Hunt #27 Tribal Wings Tattoo-medium  Free
Gun:  Voltai Dark Katz Hunt #13 (part of outfit)   Free 
Jeans:  WOE Lucky Chair Kloe Jeans – Grey   Free
Skin:  -Glam  Affair – @ The Dressing Room Sofia Tan skin – make up 11  70L  
Boots:  [ hoorenbeek ] Group Gift Siren Boots – Black  Free 
Hair:  Truth Lara Espresso

Poses:  Don’t Freak Out   and LAP 

Location:  Kronbelt 


Can every day just be Friday?

Sorry about the blog flakage lately; real life is kicking my behind.


::Exodi:: Nails v2 – Lock Your Door Prim Nails (at WoE)
::Exodi:: Look Into My Eye – Better Stay Up Late (Lg) (at WoE)
::Exodi:: Lily v2 Neutral – 9, 10 Never Sleep Again (DK)
Twisted & Spoiled Gift for Group – “Rawr” Charm Necklace/ Hoop Earrings/ Lip Ring – check group notices
Solar Eyewear ~ Nash Glasses – Still Free at Fabulous Fashion Studios

!lamb.The Chills – Powder w/Black Roots – 50L Today
Pig – Cosstown Shortpants – Cement – 50L Today
Pig – The Helendale Bodysuit – Bumbleberry – 50L Today

Not Free
[hoorenbeek] Lucille Boots – Tan
AOHARU BT NordicKnitCoat Gray

Poses: Glitterati Model Pack 8

Location: Missing Mile Dark Rural RPG

Hoorenbeek, again

April 10, 2010 1 comment

For the second time in recent memory, Hoorenbeek has a fantastic pair of women’s boots out in the store as a gift.  The only difference is that this time, you need to have been a member of the subscriber group for at least 2 weeks to take them.   Not to worry though, the notice says the boots will be out for a long time, to give you ample opportunity to sign up and grab them. 

Rollie is showing off the men’s freebie for the month, this wonderfully detailed black shirt.  It has options for wearing it open or closed and rolled up or long sleeves. 

In other, sadder news, you’ve probably heard by now that Retrology Sim is closing Monday.  Retrology was one of the first sims I explored after I became interested in shopping in SL, and I’m pretty sad to see it go.  One of it’s long time tenants, Thimbles, is holding a sale to commemorate the closure.  All items at the Retrology location are $25L, including the lovely shirt and dresses I’m wearing above.


On Rollie
Hair – LeLutka– ISHA Hair – Firetop – Group Gift
Skin – [CheerNo]Wady_Light IM ON FIRE. Shaved – Group Gift
Eyes – Poetic Colors Christmas Fairy Old Freebie
Shirt – Hoorenbeek Painted Shirt Mexican gift in store for avatars in the Subscribo Group for at least 2 weeks.
Pants – Jock Fashions Edge Jeans Blue Ripped Boot Cut – MHO Hunt Gift
Boots – Duh! Men’s Black Buckled Boots – MHO Hunt Gift

On Renee
Hair – Truth Berri expresso
Skin – Heartsick :Bliss: Sakura for Super Bargain Saturday – 60L
Eyes – Duh!  Sleepy Eyes “Clearest Silver” – 10L
Jeans – Armidi Grace jeans Scratch – Not Free
Shirt 1 – *Thimbles* Toasted Plaid Emerald Teal (jacket layer) – 25L at Retrology through the weekend
Skirt – *Thimbles* Bobo Party Sweater Skirt Marigold – Group Gift
Dress – *Thimbles* Half a World Away Dress Split Pea Green *T* – 25L at Retrology through the weekend
Scraf – *Thimbles* Soon Scarf Green Blocks (from the main store) – Not on sale
Shirt 2 – *Thimbles* I ❤ Plaid – Murphy – 25L at Retrology through the weekend
Boots – Hoorenbeek – “Siren Boots Black” gift in store for avatars in the Subscribo Group for at least 2 weeks.

Pooses For Both – The Pose Fair Exclusives Fat Packs Compiled from Mulitple Venders for the Pose Fair to benefit “Motivation”.  500L each sex

Walk of Shame

March 6, 2010 1 comment

This pose, outfit and location all came together and made it look like I was doing the walk of shame which sort of amused me.  But then…I am easily amused.  You will be ashamed of yourself, however,  if you don’t pick up these free cowgirl boots from Hoorenbeek this weekend!  Thanks to Renee for the heads up! 


(click for larger)

~I can’t even believe Hoorenbeek is giving these away for free.  They are incredible.  Amazingly textured and amazingly realistic.  There is also a pair of men’s pants for free this weekend.  Oh, and so you don’t sit there like a dweeb like me…you need to touch to get these, not buy.  *rolls eyes*
~This adorable dress is from SK Designs for Weekend Fever.  Really well made and I love the line of lace at the bust and the ribbon bow. 
~The pose is from PDA and they are closing tomorrow I think.  Which makes me sad.  They have really fun and unusual poses.  They have full boxes of their poses out this weekend for 1000L however, if you want to stock up before they are gone.  😦
~The earrings are a former freebie from R.A. Crystal, which don’t appear to be available any longer, but while I was there checking I saw that there are a couple cute group gifts out that you might want to pick up. 

Dress:  SK Designs Weekend Fever Navy Dress  50L Weekend Fever
Boots:  Hoorenbeek Cowgirl Boots Brown (Freebie Version)   Free This Weekend ONLY 
Earrings:  R.A. Crystal Sweeny (former freebie)
Bangle:  Sassy Kitty Fringed Brown Bangle (former hunt prize) 
Tattoo:  CyberStar Body Art Full Body Mehndi 
(was a midnight mania prize.  There is still a board up but it wasn’t working today)
Hair:  Exile Monica Chocolate  (R) 
Skin:  Belleza Alyson Deep Tan 3  (R) 
Pose:  PDA 

And thanks to Perion.  Perion always gives me awesome fashion advice.  ❤

Glitterati, Weekend Fever and Gifts

I saw on plurk the other day that Katey Coppola from Glitterati was sending out a subscribo gift and couldn’t wait to get in world to see if mine showed up.  Amazingly, it did!  Usually none of the good stuff actually makes it, just all the spam.  I opened it up today and it rocks! 


(click for larger)

~This wonderful, multi pose fence is the Subscribo gift from Glitterati.  It has fantastic old wood textures and look at that wonderful shadow!  What a fantastic prop for photos!  Thank you, Katey!!  <3!!
~This outfit started around this skirt which is a in world group gift from Indie Rose and the hair which is a subscribo group gift from ChiChickie
~The top is a new release from Lark which Renee previously blogged.  I wore just the shirt without the prim parts and it matched the skirt nicely.   The jacket is a new release from SD Wears, and there is a pink version in the subscribo, which I blogged earlier

Skirt:  Indie Rose Group Gift Brown Denim Mini Skirt  Free 
Hair:  ChiChickie Group Gift #3 January 2010 Lealie Mahogany  Free
Top:  Lark Karen Blouse Country Henhouse  (review copy)  
Jacket:  SD Wears Ovation Jacket Tanned Skinned  (review copy) 
Leggings:  Jill Group Gift Leggings Brown  Free 
Jewelry:  DM Stone Dreams II  Dark Oak  
Boots:  Hoorenbeek Le.Look L’homme Boots (sized down, previous gift) 
Skin:  Belleza Alyson Sunkiss 3 Cleavage (review copy) 
Fence:  Glitterati Subscribo Gift Fence w/multiposes   Free 


(click for larger)

~Another shot of the fence, with a separate Glitterati pose…you can use it with other poses or as a prop in your yard. 



(click for larger)

~This pretty skin from Amacci showed up in my inventory today.  It is a subcribo gift and comes in 3 tones, with the tattoo. 
~The dress is in the in world group LeLutka notices and I put on the Primalot group gift necklace and earrings, which I already blogged, because they matched really nicely. 

Dress:   LeLutka Group Gift DINA mini/Ocean  Free 
Skin:  Amacci Group Gift Felicia (Fresh) with Tattoo Free 
Jewelry:  PRIMALOT Paradise Bird Group Gift  Free 
Hair:  Truth Joanna Sangria 
Poses:  Naive 



(click for larger)

~The top on the left is the Weekend Fever item from SK Designs.  I really like their stuff and this top is fantastically textured and comes on all layers.
~I don’t do dresses that often, unless I can work a different look around them, but I saw Tesh on Free Style show this dress and I really liked it.  It is free in the Ema’s Secret subscribo and if you check the history, I think it is #2.   I started trying to make an outfit around it but you know…it is better just as it is…simple and pretty. 

Top:  SK Designs Weekend Fever WF Top (old pink)  50L 
Jeans:  MIASNOW Jeans Ripped
Necklace:  SiSSi Collar Me Up (review copy) 
Bracelet:  Dark Mouse Twisted Bangle Silver (review copy) 
Hair:  Truth Sasha Mocha
Hair bow:  Truth Kylei Bow Mocha  Free
Skin:  Belleza Alyson Sunkiss 12 Cleavage  (review)

Dress:  Ema’s Secret January Subscribo Gift Tinker Dress  Free
Necklace:  Dark Mouse Here Come the Sun Silver (review) 
Bracelet:  Dark Mouse Divine Deco Bangle
Hair: Deena Cynical Black 
Skin:  Belleza Alyson Sunkiss 2 Cleavage (review) 
Poses:  LAP 


January 16, 2010 21 comments

I spent the last day or so doing the Shoe and Accessory Hunt and the Heat Wave Hunt.   There are a lot of nice things in both these hunts and I have picked a few to feature here.  I can’t blog everything in the hunts, that isn’t what I do.  erm.  More on that later.  For now, here is some of what I found.


(click for larger)

~This wonderful hoodie is from Ducknipple for the Heat Wave Hunt.  Wonderful textures and the hood sculpt is great!   See details for the rest of the hunt items in this photo. 
Jacket:  Ducknipple Heat Wave Hunt Cherie Hoodie  Blue  Free 
Bag:  KOSH Shoe and Accessory Hunt Asphyxia Shoulderbag Rainy Night  Free 
Necklace:  *ICED* Heat Wave Hunt Starfish Necklace Free 
Hair:  IrEn Heat Wave Hunt Nora (hair is texture change)  Free 
Belt:  *BLIZTED* Shoe and Accessory Hunt Classic Belt Old Leather Brown  Free
Boots:  Reek Shoe and Accessory Hunt Autumn Boots Navy  Free 
Jeans:  Surf Couture Belmar Skinny Jeans Dark Blue  (review copy) 
Skin:  Redgrave Leona Natural 

**Edit again!  Apparently, Reek renamed his sim so the URL from when I was there wasn’t working.  It is corrected now.

*EDIT!! The Redgrave skin is not free!  That “free” came from a line above when I copy/pasted and I didn’t catch it.  Sorry!!   Sometimes the formatting goes wonky.  :-/



(click for larger)

~I love this top from WWI for the Heat Wave Hunt.  It comes with an optional lace bra and really nice scuplted sleeves. 
~The glasses from Kumaki are really cool.  They come with several different scenes printed on the lens and can be opaque or transparent.  These will be great for photos in different outdoor locations. 
~The Indyra Originals bag is fantastically textured and comes in two sizes.
~see details for other hunt items.
~This hair is a new release from Magika which I think is adorable.  It has a texture change band and a really cute curly offset bun.

Top:  Worldwide Industries Heat Wave Hunt Too Tight Tan Floral  Free 
Necklace:  Necklace:  *ICED* Heat Wave Hunt Starfish Necklace  Free  
Shoes:  Heart & Sole Heat Wave Hunt River Pink  Free
Mouth thing:  Lacie Cakes Heat Wave Hunt Tropical Umbrella NomNom Free
Glasses:  Kumaki Glasses Shoe & Accessory Hunt GoodWorld 1.00  Free  
Bag:  Indyra Originals Shoe & Accessory Hunt The Ireben Carry-all  Free 
Skirt:  Tuli Worn Denim Mini Skirt Dirty Gray 
Hair:  Magika Susan Red D  (new release) (review copy)
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 9 (cleavage)  



(click for larger)

~These cute shoes are by Kalnins for the Shoe and Accessory Hunt.  They come in both male and female sizes and are texture change to 11 different textures. 
~The belt is by Ducknipple for the Shoe and Accessory Hunt…they are giving such great prizes!!
~The hoorenbeek glasses can attach at your hip, chest or face.  That’s kinda fun. 

Scarf:  [JP]:dsg. Shoe and Accessory Hunt Scarf (color change)  Free 
Shoes:  Kalnins Shoe and Accessory Hunt SlipOns  Free 
Belt:  Ducknipple Shoe and Accessory Hunt Viking Belt Brown  Free 
Glasses:  Hoorenbeek  Shoe and Accessory Hunt Risky Glasses (chest attach)  Free 
Mouth Piercing:  [skream!] Shoe and Accessory Hunt  “confessions” piercing  Free 
Top:  Surf Couture Rendezvous Printed V Neck Moss (new release, review)
Jeans:  [Decoy] Dana 76 Jeans Dark  50L Sale 
Hair:  Magika Susan Red D  (new release) (review copy)


(click for larger)

~And now I need to take some time to relax after all that work!  😛 
This bathtub is the Heat Wave prize from Cheeky Pea and comes with both single and couple poses!  Yes, I am wearing pasties…wearing clothes seemed wrong, but we couldn’t have full on nip! 

Bath:  Cheeky Pea Heat Wave Hunt Slipper Bath Free 
Hair:  Magika Susan Black A

Poses:  LAP and Glitterati

I am sure I will use many more of the prizes from these hunts in future posts.  There has been some snark lately where people say that if you don’t show every item from a hunt that you are somehow taking the “easy” way out.  I would disagree with that as putting together outfits from the hunt items, finding locations, poses, good lighting and trying to show the items well, is a long and laborious project.  I give mad props to those that take a photo of every item, but we can’t and shouldn’t all be blogging the same way…that would be no fun at all.  I would suggest that we all blog what we like, how we like and not worry so much about how other people are blogging.  Diversity is what makes SL interesting, isn’t it?

Tuli, Weekend Fever and some Gacha!

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Plus a few other things that I can’t work into a title!  By now, I am sure you all have heard about the new Tuli VIP Group Gift, but I want to say how stunning I think it is too!  Plus, I hit up the SWITCH & Creator’s Pavilion Winter Sale this morning and picked up a few cute things.


(click for larger)

~This cute sweater/poncho is a gacha item from Honey*Soul at the Creator’s Pavilion Winter Sale.  It is only 30L per play and there are a bunch of colors to win.
~The chair is a Weekend Fever item from Mudhoney.  It is 50L and has 5 very nice sitting animations and not only that, it is copy!  So you can put out as many of these as you want!  Great deal!
~The bracelet is another gacha item from the Creator’s Pavilion by {millette} and is only 10L per play.
~The skin is the new Tuli VIP Group Gift.  It is a preview of the Eve skin coming soon and comes in a whole bunch of tones.   The skin is in the group notices and there is a 250L join fee for this group but Tuli is so very generous, it is so worth it.  This one skin gift makes it MORE than worth it.  Thank you, Tuli!  It is wonderful!

Skin:  Tuli Dec VIP Gift Eva (tone5/br) (IN GROUP NOTICES)  250L Join Fee/Free
Sweater:  Honey*soul Gacha Knit Poncho Maccha 30L 
Bracelet:  {millette} Gacha Noel Bracelet Quincee  10L
Jeans:  Miseria Black Market Peppermint Jeans  65L 
Tank:  artilleri zee tank dark green
Hair:  Truth Lydia Espresso 
Boots:  hoorenbeek LE.LOOK! l’homme Boots  Free
Chair:  Mudhoney Designs Weekend Fever Mellow Windor Chair  50L 


(click for larger)

~Here is a close up of the Tuli Eve face and a body shot.  The body on this skin is really lovely.   It is even prettier naked and has an adorable butt and really nice nipples.  I think this is the best Tuli body so far.  The brows, lips and nose are all superbly done…I can’t think of one thing I don’t like about the face on this skin. 
~I am also showing 2 sets of jewelry I picked up from alaMood for Weekend Fever.  Each of these sets were only 50L. 
~The lingerie is one of the iTuTu Christmas Group Gifts available here.
~The hair on the left is the new ::69:: Group Gift.  I am sooooo in love with this hair.  It can be worn with a hat and/or earmuffs, or without and you get a fatpack.  So worth it if you haven’t joined the group yet.  The fee is 300L. 

On left:
Hair:  ::69:: Group Gift MOG Cocoa (Fat Pack) 300L Join Fee/Free  
Necklace:  alaMood Weekend Fever Kalnera Mother of Pearl Set  50L 

On right:
Jewelry:  alaMood Weekend Fever Athshe Frosted Ice set  50L
Lingerie:  KAO Gift for iTuTu Group X’mas Lingerie  Free 
Hair:  Truth Lucy Chestnut  (retirement sale)

Skin:  Tuli Dec VIP Gift Eva (tone5/br) (IN GROUP NOTICES)  250L Join Fee/Free
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Autumn Freebie (no longer available)  
Lashes:  Cake Bedroom Lashes 


(click for larger)

~When I was at the Creator’s Pavilion, I also picked up this nice sweater from Meriken for only 50L.  It has a really nice prim collar which I am showing in the close up.  For the other shot I wore the scarf which is one of the Aoharu Group Gifts.
And yes, I know the hair is kind of in the collar in that second shot, but dammit…I love that hair so much and didn’t want to take it off.  😛  So you get the general idea on both the hair and the collar. 
~I am also wearing my new favorite jeans from [Miseria] which are available for only 65L at the Black Market.

Sweater:  Meriken Creators Pavilion Peony Red/Green  50L 
Scarf:  AOHARU BT KnitScarf G2 Christmas  Free
Boots:  AOHARU ANNEXX Group Gift KnitLegWarmers&Flats Christmas 
Jeans:  Miseria Black Market Peppermint Jeans  65L  
Hair:  ::69:: Group Gift MOG Dark Auburn (Fat Pack) 300L Join Fee/Free 
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 13 

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose