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Platinum Hunt

August 8, 2010 7 comments

The Platinum Hunt starts today (though possibly not officially until noon) and there are quite a few of my favorite retailers participating.  Prizes are $10L each and the hunt item is a good sized jewlery box with a pearl inside.  None were very hard to find.  I’m in love with this skin from dekade, the eyes from Glam Affair and this wonderful hair from Exile.  The adorable jacket from Atomic has been all over the feeds, but deservedly so.  I couldn’t locate quite a few of the prizes, and the hunter group was dead silent this morning, but that may improve this afternoon.  In the mean time, I put this look together exclusively from hunt prizes.  Happy Hunting!

Eyes – Glam Affair Stella Eyes 01 (skin included) Platinum Hunt 10L
Skin – dekade. SKINS Brooke 2 Sunkissed/L Bows/PH Special Platinum Hunt 10L
Hair – Exile Samara/Champagne (Fat Pack of colors) Platinum Hunt 10L
Top – Nyte’N’ Day Notjusta Tank White (inludes sculpted pieces not visible) Platinum Hunt 10L
Jacket – ATOMIC Ritzy Blazer Silver Platinum Hunt 10L
Pants –  TuttiFrutti Platinum blonde Jeans (gold pair included) Platinum Hunt 10L
Necklace – LOULOU&CO Necklace Platinum Platinum Hunt 10L
Shoes – Heart & Sole Sassy Platinum  Platinum Hunt 10L


Bargains and Blue

I saw on the feed tonight about a place called The Dressing Room, where there are discount items set out by some great SL designers.  I immediately headed over, cuz I am all about the bargains.  😛


(click for larger)

~I got this cute pale skin from YourSkin&YourShape for only 70L and lashes from [glow] for 40L.  I am gonna be honest and say the lashes were a b*tchkitty to fit, but it could just be that I suck at lash fitting. 
~The chambray top is the April Freebie from sf designs and is really well made.  
~The Heart & Sole shoes and the alaMood jewelry are both from the Diamonds in the Rough hunt.  The shoes are really nicely textured and fairly easy to skin match, although it was hard to get them very pale to go with this skin.  The jewelry set includes necklace, earrings, bracelet and a ring!  


(click for larger)

~Close up of the skin, lashes and jewelry. 


And I don’t usually do this, but here is a close up of the shoes.  The nice sole and heel texturing didn’t show if I shrunk the picture down too much, so I am showing it full size.

(click for larger)

Shirt:  sf designs April Freebie Chambray Shirt  Free 
Jewelry:  alaMood Diamonds in the Rough Hunt Gift Bandara Diamond/Silver  Free 
Lashes:  [glow] @ The Dressing Room Innocent Lashes Pure  40L  
Shoes:  Heart & Sole Diamonds in the Rough Hunt Gift Marilyn Steel Blue  Free 
Skin: YourSkin&YourShape @ The Dressing Room Stella Cute Skin  70L 
Tank:  Mischief Essential Tank Tuscany 
Skirt:  So Many Styles Sorrow Skirt Brown (former hunt gift) 
Belt:  Blitzed Classic Belt Old Leather Brown (former hunt gift) 
Hair:  Truth Drew Chocolate 

Poses:  Everglow  and LAP 


January 16, 2010 21 comments

I spent the last day or so doing the Shoe and Accessory Hunt and the Heat Wave Hunt.   There are a lot of nice things in both these hunts and I have picked a few to feature here.  I can’t blog everything in the hunts, that isn’t what I do.  erm.  More on that later.  For now, here is some of what I found.


(click for larger)

~This wonderful hoodie is from Ducknipple for the Heat Wave Hunt.  Wonderful textures and the hood sculpt is great!   See details for the rest of the hunt items in this photo. 
Jacket:  Ducknipple Heat Wave Hunt Cherie Hoodie  Blue  Free 
Bag:  KOSH Shoe and Accessory Hunt Asphyxia Shoulderbag Rainy Night  Free 
Necklace:  *ICED* Heat Wave Hunt Starfish Necklace Free 
Hair:  IrEn Heat Wave Hunt Nora (hair is texture change)  Free 
Belt:  *BLIZTED* Shoe and Accessory Hunt Classic Belt Old Leather Brown  Free
Boots:  Reek Shoe and Accessory Hunt Autumn Boots Navy  Free 
Jeans:  Surf Couture Belmar Skinny Jeans Dark Blue  (review copy) 
Skin:  Redgrave Leona Natural 

**Edit again!  Apparently, Reek renamed his sim so the URL from when I was there wasn’t working.  It is corrected now.

*EDIT!! The Redgrave skin is not free!  That “free” came from a line above when I copy/pasted and I didn’t catch it.  Sorry!!   Sometimes the formatting goes wonky.  :-/



(click for larger)

~I love this top from WWI for the Heat Wave Hunt.  It comes with an optional lace bra and really nice scuplted sleeves. 
~The glasses from Kumaki are really cool.  They come with several different scenes printed on the lens and can be opaque or transparent.  These will be great for photos in different outdoor locations. 
~The Indyra Originals bag is fantastically textured and comes in two sizes.
~see details for other hunt items.
~This hair is a new release from Magika which I think is adorable.  It has a texture change band and a really cute curly offset bun.

Top:  Worldwide Industries Heat Wave Hunt Too Tight Tan Floral  Free 
Necklace:  Necklace:  *ICED* Heat Wave Hunt Starfish Necklace  Free  
Shoes:  Heart & Sole Heat Wave Hunt River Pink  Free
Mouth thing:  Lacie Cakes Heat Wave Hunt Tropical Umbrella NomNom Free
Glasses:  Kumaki Glasses Shoe & Accessory Hunt GoodWorld 1.00  Free  
Bag:  Indyra Originals Shoe & Accessory Hunt The Ireben Carry-all  Free 
Skirt:  Tuli Worn Denim Mini Skirt Dirty Gray 
Hair:  Magika Susan Red D  (new release) (review copy)
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 9 (cleavage)  



(click for larger)

~These cute shoes are by Kalnins for the Shoe and Accessory Hunt.  They come in both male and female sizes and are texture change to 11 different textures. 
~The belt is by Ducknipple for the Shoe and Accessory Hunt…they are giving such great prizes!!
~The hoorenbeek glasses can attach at your hip, chest or face.  That’s kinda fun. 

Scarf:  [JP]:dsg. Shoe and Accessory Hunt Scarf (color change)  Free 
Shoes:  Kalnins Shoe and Accessory Hunt SlipOns  Free 
Belt:  Ducknipple Shoe and Accessory Hunt Viking Belt Brown  Free 
Glasses:  Hoorenbeek  Shoe and Accessory Hunt Risky Glasses (chest attach)  Free 
Mouth Piercing:  [skream!] Shoe and Accessory Hunt  “confessions” piercing  Free 
Top:  Surf Couture Rendezvous Printed V Neck Moss (new release, review)
Jeans:  [Decoy] Dana 76 Jeans Dark  50L Sale 
Hair:  Magika Susan Red D  (new release) (review copy)


(click for larger)

~And now I need to take some time to relax after all that work!  😛 
This bathtub is the Heat Wave prize from Cheeky Pea and comes with both single and couple poses!  Yes, I am wearing pasties…wearing clothes seemed wrong, but we couldn’t have full on nip! 

Bath:  Cheeky Pea Heat Wave Hunt Slipper Bath Free 
Hair:  Magika Susan Black A

Poses:  LAP and Glitterati

I am sure I will use many more of the prizes from these hunts in future posts.  There has been some snark lately where people say that if you don’t show every item from a hunt that you are somehow taking the “easy” way out.  I would disagree with that as putting together outfits from the hunt items, finding locations, poses, good lighting and trying to show the items well, is a long and laborious project.  I give mad props to those that take a photo of every item, but we can’t and shouldn’t all be blogging the same way…that would be no fun at all.  I would suggest that we all blog what we like, how we like and not worry so much about how other people are blogging.  Diversity is what makes SL interesting, isn’t it?

Changing of the Seasons Hunt

November 2, 2009 5 comments

This was a good ‘un!   It is fairly short, only 40 stores and there was a lot of really cool stuff!  You are looking for boxes that show a snow scene and a fall scene.  I am going to show some of my favorites.


(click for larger)

~This wonderfully textured sweater is the gift from TART.   The jeans are the gift from WOE, and the scarf is part of the gift from DYN and is texture change!   They eyes, which I have used through the whole post, are part of the gift from MADesigns.  There is also hair for the men and several other pairs of eyes. 

Sweater:  TART Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #20 Sexy Cardigan Harvest  Free
Jeans:  WOE Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #18 Ellee Jeans Charcoal  Free 
Scarf:  DYN Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #17 Ladies Color Change Scarf  Free 
Tank:  Armidi Sheer Ribbed Tank Beige 
Eyes:  MADesign Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #6 Hopeful Eyes Blue  Free 
Boots:  Maitreya Subscribo Gift Soho Boots Pumpkin  Free 
Hair:  Truth Hannah Treacle  
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 1 Cleavage 


(click for larger)

~The dress on the left if from The Plastik, and I put it with leggings and bangles from the Sassy Kitty gift.   The dress on the right is from GL Designs and comes with 4 different style tops, as well as a belted version. 

Dress:  Plastik Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #9 Infinity Dress Autumn  Free 
Leggings:  Sassy Kitty Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #8 Glossy Leggings Brown  Free 
Bangles:  Sassy Kitty Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #8 Fringed Brown Dress Bangles  Free 
Necklace and earrings:  Duh! Jasper Gold Pendant and Dangle Earrings 
Hair:  Truth Yvonne Caramel 

Dress:  GL Designs Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #39 Tank Top Dess Brown (4 top options)  Free
Bangles:  Sassy Kitty Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #8 Fringed Brown Dress Bangles  Free
Necklace and earrings:  Duh! Orange Agate Gold Pendant and Dangles  


(click for larger)

~This nice little black dress is the prize from Indyra Originals, and includes the belt, as well as leggings (not shown).  The shoes are the prize from Heart & Sole and the necklace is the prize from LacieCakes.
~The bracelet is actually the KOSH prize from the Trapped in the 80’s Hunt.  I love the little albums!  So cute!

Dress and Belt:  Indyra Originals Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #11 Effete minidress  Free 
Necklace:  LacieCakes Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #4 Piper Necklace  Free 
Shoes:  Heart & Sole Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #1 Snowflake  Free 
Bracelet:  Kosh Trapped in the 80’s Hunt #6 The Gloomy 80’s Bracelet  Free 
Hair:  Truth Gretel Espresso 



(click for larger)

~On the left, the hair is the gift from Magika and you get all colors, with a color changing cap.  So cute for winter!   The vest is part of the outfit from .44 Caliber and the belt is the prize from LOULOU&Co.

~The tattoo on the right is from Tattitude.  Be warned:  this box was really hard to spot and you will need to cam like crazy. 

Vest:  .44 Caliber Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #32 Pumpkins & Stars Vest  Free 
Hair:  Magika Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #2 Fallwinter (fatpack) Red E   Free
Belt:  LOULOU&CO Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #37 Changing Seasons Belt  Free 
Necklace and Bracelet:  KOSH Lotus (former dollarbie)
Jeans:  Fishy Strawberry Equinox Jeans Siena 1
Tank:  Armidi Sheer Ribbed Tank Beige 

Tattoo:  Tattitude Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #27 Fairy Queen  Free  
(very small box stuck between plant and sofa…need to cam) 



(click for larger)

~These incredible cool “wings” are from UrbanDare.  They come in a fall and winter version, and the winter version “snows”.  I have no idea when I would ever use these, but I love them!  😛 
~The skin and eyes are from House of Ruin and you get 8 fantasy skin tones and eyes.  They are very nicely done. 

Skin & Eyes:  House of Ruin Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #29 WinterStoleTheDryad’sHeart Ghost (8tones) 
and S.E. Dryad’s Heart Copper (8 colors)  Free 
Wood Wings:  UrbanDare Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #30 Wood Nymph Wings Winter  Free 



(click for larger)

I know this has been a very long post, but there was so much nice stuff!  This autumn pose/display is from Sommerfeld Designs.  There are a bunch of different sitting poses for mulitple avatars.  Nice!

Scarf and Hat:  DYN Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #17 Ladies Color Change Scarf and Beanie Free 
Sweater:  TART Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #20 Sexy Cardigan Harvest  Free 
Boots:  Maitreya Group Gift SoHo Boots Patent Mix   Free 
Jeans:  Fishy Strawberry Equinox Jeans Charcoal
Hair:  Truth Gabby Sangria 
Prop:   Sommerfeld Designs  Changing of the Seasons Hunt Prize #15  Free 

Poses:  a mix of Long Awkward Pose and Flowey

Subtle Halloween

It is too early in the morning for me to think about anything clever to say.  Not that I am usually clever, but now I am even less so.  So I am just gonna show you the cute stuff I picked up…


(click for larger)

~First up, Lara Skins has reopened finally and there is a new gift!  yay!   The skin is called Cameron and comes only in this pale tone.   I am not a huge fan of the mouth corners, but perhaps I could have edited my mouth shape some.  I didn’t actually notice it until after the pics were done though.  ;p
~This adorable outfit, the sweater and the shorts, is a Halloween group gift from **M+M**.   This outfit is kind of where my post title comes from.  It comes with Halloween themed leggings, but take those off and this outfit is adorable for year round!  And great for mix & match as I will show later.  There is a group joiner high on the wall at the store.
~The tights, which are fabulous (!!) are a group gift from Twosome.  You get 5 colors and also a pair of thigh highs with prim tops that I will show in a bit.  You all NEED these tights!  Just search the group “Twosome” in world. 

Sweater and shorts: **M+M** Halloween Gift 2009 furil knit and short pants  Free 
Tights:  Twosome Group Gift Cozy Tights Pack  Free 
Belt:  Dark Mouse Skinny Ostrich Belt Black w/silver   
Bangle:  alaMood Haunted Set (review copy) 
Earrings:  Hexed Cross Earrings (not available)
Necklace:  Twisted and Spoiled Short Cross Necklace (was a lucky chair prize)
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Summer Lavender Field
Skin:  Lara Skins Cameron Gift Skin  Free 


(click for larger)

~EmJay is having a small Halloween Hunt in her store.  There are 10 gift bags that cost 1L each.  My favorite thing was this Burnt Orange Sweater, shown on the left.   Very pretty for fall!
~The stockings, which I LOVE, are from the Twosome Group Gift.  Srsly.  Go join now!!
~The skirt is part of one of the Jill Lucky Board prizes and works wonderfully as just a skirt. 
~The jewelry on the left is a group gift from Earthstones and is a very pretty set, which comes with both black and brown leather lacing.  This is a pay group though, and I believe the fee is 250L.  The box is at the counter in the main store.

~Also by Earthstones are these fun pumpkin earrings.  I love these because they don’t scream Halloween.  They are quite subtle and probably cound be worn all fall.  And the detail is quite amazing!  These are a gift for everyone, not a group gift. 
~The sweater on the right is from the **M+M** set I showed in the previous picture.  See…versatile! 
~The skirt is by Humming and I have been wanting to use it for ages.  It is only 1L in a box on the floor at the store.  I think the box says 20L on it, but it is actually a dollarbie.
~The necklace and bracelet are from LOULOU&CO and are a prize in the Sassy Kitty Halloween Hunt.  There is a small cauldron on the ground right outside the door.  Buy that. 
~The tights on the right are by Duh! and are only 10L for 5 color packs. 

Top:  EmJay Halloween Gift Bag #6 Long Sleeve Sweater Burnt Orange  1L 
Socks:  Twosome Cozy Tights Pack Crochet Black  Free 
Skirt:  Jill Lucky Board Prize DR Black/Orange Skirt only   Free
Jewelry:  EarthStones Group Gift Stone Donut Amber (at counter of main store)  Free 
Shoes:  50 Flats Halloween Ghastly Flats Black Ghost  Free 
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 15 Cleavage  

Sweater:  **M+M** Halloween Gift 2009 furil knit (sweater only)  Free 
Skirt:  Humming Stripe x check skirt  1L 
Tights:  Duh! Black Knit Tights   10L for 5 colors
Necklace and Bracelet:  LOULOU&CO Sassy Kitty Halloween Hunt Gift (buy cauldron)  Free 
Earrings:  EarthStones Halloween Freebie Pumpkin Earrings (in bag on counter)  Free 
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 3  


(click for larger)

~A close up of the fabulous Twosome Group Gift tights.  Join the Twosome in world group.  They also come in brown and 2 shades of gray!  LOVE!



(click for larger)

~This dress is from the M*Motion Lucky Board.   I love the deep scoop neckline.  It just screams for a skin with awesome cleavage like the Belleza Jesse!  
~The jewelry is from the Midnight Mania Board at The Body Politik.  I adore this set.  So pretty for fancy dress up!
~The shoes are from the Heart & Sole Hunt.  These are fun to add a little bit of a Halloween flavor to an outfit.  Buy the spider

Dress :  M*Motion Lucky Board Prize Knit One Piece Ws   Free  
Jewelry:  The Body Politik Midnight Mania Prize Tahitian Pearl Gold Complete Set  Free
Shoes:  Heart & Sole Hunt Widow #18 Spider Shoes  Free  
Hair used throughout:  Truth Cameron Night 
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Deep Tan 5 Cleavage 

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose 

Now…I am off to start packing.  I move in two weeks.  eep.  I may be a little scarce.  Unless packing takes less time than I think it will. 😛

Twisted Hunt 2009

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay…so a lot of the stuff from the Twisted Hunt isn’t quite my style…I am not a gothy, alternative chick at all.  But I did some of the Hunt yesterday and there is a lot of really cool stuff, regardless of whether it is MY style…the things I am showing are things I think were high quality.  You are looking for small, purple, revolving boxes.

But…if you do the hunt for nothing else…do it for this Twisted and Spoiled outfit, which totally rocks!

(click for larger)

~This outfit includes everything I am wearing, tank, jacket, shorts, armband, necklace and boots!  The texturing is amazing, and again…Twisted and Spoiled has done an amazing hunt gift!
~This hair is a free gift from MeteroRain and you just need to click the sign here to get it.  It comes in a color called dimgray…so I tinted it to red, and it took the tint very well!

Outfit:  Twisted and Spoiled Twisted Hunt Gift #11  Free 
Hair:   MeteoRain Female Hair3 dimgray (I tinted it red)  Free 


(click for larger)

This is a mash up of a bunch of different hunt items, so I will just list everything in the details…but the outfit can also be worn as a dress.  And the robotic arm parts, which I think are very cool…come with a bunch of other parts in the gift.

Hat and Arm Pieces:  Burning Chrome Twisted Hunt Gift #9 Mini Tophat and Metal Arms  Free
Outfit:  Adore & Abhor Twisted Hunt Gift #126  Hobble Goblin (also can be worn as Dress)  Free 
Hair:  Dreadlocks @  Discord Designs Twisted Hunt Gift #36 Ruin Onyx   Free
Shoes:  Heart & Sole  Twisted Hunt Gift #46  Locked Blue   Free
Earrings:  Earthstones  Twisted Hunt Gift #97 Twisted Crystal Earring Amethyst   Free
Skin:  Tuli Hope Pick Rewards Sept 09 Tan  Free


(click for larger)

I don’t like how this picture came out…my face looks weird.  But I didn’t want to go back and redo it either, and you can see the funky little house, so I am just calling it good.  ;p  And I guess maybe my face would look like that if I was hanging around the Creepster Hut. 

Dress:  Dilly Dolls Twisted Hunt Gift #85 Molly Dear Dress (8 colors)   Free 
Shoes:  A-BOMB Twisted Hunt Gift #32 Juliet Ankleboot   Free
Hair:  Vixen Twisted Hunt Gift #43 Selenite Spice Light (3 colors)   Free
House:  Sugar.Snap.Me Twisted Hunt Gift #134 Creepster Hut by Mar  Free


(click for larger)

These are a couple more mash ups of various hunt items.  But I did want to mention the earrings from ChaosLotus.  There are 6 pairs of bolts, screws and nails…and the are all texture and color change!  They are very cool!

Jacket:  Snatch Twisted Hunt Gift #45 Chilling Coat  Free 
Jeans and Face Tattoo:  DarKCatZ Twisted Hunt Gift #77 Toxxic Jeans and Toxxic Skull Face Tattoo  Free
Top:  Pop Tart Twisted Hunt Gift #76 The Believer Naughty Top  Free 
Hair:  Vixen Twisted Hunt Gift #43 Selenite Blackmail (3 colors)    Free
Necklace:  Twisted and Spoiled Twisted Hunt Gift #11 Twisted Cross Necklace  Free

Neko parts:  Passionate Neko Twisted Hunt Gift #49 Halloween Tail Pumpkin Razor   Free
Shorts :  Pop Tart Twisted Hunt Gift #76 The Believer Tattered Jeans Shorts  Free
Earrings:  ChaosLotus Twisted Hunt Gift #139 Screw Earring (6 different pairs)   Free 
Tattoos:  Emi’z Custom Tatz Twisted Hunt Gift #143 Get Your Bloody Paws Off My Tits!  (comes in hand prints also) Free 
Hair:  Vixen Twisted Hunt Gift #43 Selenite Platinum (3 colors)   Free



(click for larger)

This outfit…would be so awesome for Halloween.  Yes…that is a bleeding heart sticking out of my chest, held by a robotic arm.  AWESOME! 
And the coffin would be a great prop for Halloween. 

Dress:  Likka House Twisted Hunt Gift #57 Look My Heart Gown  Free
Hair:  Deadkitties Twisted Hunt Gift #27 Butterfly Queen  Free
Coffin:  Nocturna Gothic Designs Twisted Hunt Gift #8 Noctura Coffin   Free

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose Poop Hunt Gifts  Free 

Special thanks to my friend Mya…I wouldn’t have found half of these without her help!  <3!!

It’s summer somewhere, right?

We finally had some sunny weather here in the North East US.  Of course, not today…it being Saturday and all.  *grumbles*  But here is some summery stuff, for those of you actually having a summer!
Some of these pics have been waiting a few days to be blogged.  The Hunts the last couple days have put me off my schedule. 

These cute tintable bikinis were the most recent group gift from PixelDolls.  You can make these bikinis any color you want, and they come in an untied option, which I just love!   Very sexy!
It is definitely worth hitting the PixelDolls subscribo.  They send very nice gifts, and often!  
The hair on the right is a new store opening gift from W&Y, which I tinted red. 
The watermelon shoes on the right are from Heart & Sole and are the Slice of Summer gift, which Renee also blogged below. 
This pose is a gift at the Pure Angel location of **taisaya**.   There are lots of gift out for the opening of this new shopping sim. 

Untied bikini:  PixelDolls Tintable Bikini Untied  Free
Hair:  W&Y Hair 93 Type A Black 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Summer Star Eyes Slice of Summer Hunt  Free
Shoes:  YourSkin&YourShape Flip Flops Group Gift   (no longer in group notices)
Skin:  Laqroki Tasha  

Tied Bikini:  PixelDolls Tintable Bikini Tied  Free
Shoes:  Watermelon by Heart & Sole Slice of Summer Hunt Gift   Free
Hair:  W&Y Hair Mauloa Open Gift Tinted Red   Free
Skin:  Lara Skins Devon Red  
Pose:  **taisaya** Free Cute Girls Posing – 01   Free


When I was exploring the Pure Angel sim, I came across a store called Rily, which I had never heard of, but they have some adorable dresses, and the prices are so reasonable. 
The blue Flower Tank Top dress was only 80L, and comes in all sorts of colors.
While I was there, I noticed they had a LM to a Dollarbie Shop and headed over, where I got the cream colored Flower Garden dress.  There are tons of little dresses there for 1L each.  Most are very girly and not exactly my style, but it is worth checking out. 

Dress 1:  Rily Flower TankTopDress Blue Set 80L 
Necklace:  .:DbNR:. Teardrop Gems Necklace 10L 

Dress 2:  Rily Dollarbie Shop Flower Garden G Dress  1L
Necklace:  Earthstones Beaded Necklace Moldavite/Gold Gift  (not sure if still available) 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Summer Star Eyes Slice of Summer Hunt  Free
Skin:    Lara Skins Devon Red  
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Night 
Poses:  Striking Poses Dollarbie Poses 1L


Doppelganger Inc just released some new ruffled Boardwalk Bikinis and very kindly dropped the fatpack on me!  Thank you!!  These are just adorable and have optional ruffles at the bust line and on the butt.   For 150L you get 3 colors, available in the 3 patterns shown, Plaid, Polkas and Stripes.   I really like the retro feel to these, and the colors are just yummy!

Bikinis:  Doppelganger Inc Boardwalk Bikinis Blue Plaid, Polkas Fuschia and Striped Navy  150 for 3 color sets
Bracelets:  Pretties by JB Moxie Hues of Blue and Hues of Passion  
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Night 
Poses:  Striking Poses Dollarbie Poses  1L


Like the rest of the grid, I hit up the Aoharu sale this week.  I had to have the short denim jacket.  HAD. TO.  Actually, I have wanted it for a while, and a half price sale was the perfect excuse!
And you know me, I put this together with a couple dollarbies.  The skin is a current group gift in the Lazolli Group.  You can join by searching Loring Halsey’s profile in world. 
This necklace was another find from the Pure Angel sim.  There are several dollarbie necklaces in the shop, so it is also worth checking out. 
The eyes, as you can see from the fact that I used them in all these pictures, are my new favorites.  They are from Poetic Colors, and are the Slice of Summer Hunt gift.  They rock! 

Dress:  Aoharu BT BrightGRadationDress White/Red
Jacket:  Aoharu BT Short Jean Jacket Blue
Necklace:  10ctJewelry nec1010  1L  
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Summer Star Eyes Slice of Summer Hunt  Free
Lashes:  Cake Bedroom Lashes
Skin:  Lazolli Jade Skin 01A(extra) Join group, check notices  (search for Loring Halsey’s Profile)  Free
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Burgundy