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Aqua Seafoam Shame

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

What I’m wearing today, exploring a new to me sim (thanks Season’s Hunt)


Skin .::Mother Goose’s::. Prida III SGB (teeth) SGBHW Event $30L

Hair Fri. Apple II Carrot – Fifty Linden Friday today

Shirt [2byte] Stripe Shirts2 (brown) SGBHW Gift

Pants *Fishy Strawberry* High Waist Pants Desert Sand – Not Free

Shoes *FIR & MNA* The Ashbury Loafer Green – Fifty Linden Friday today

Bag (epoque) Illusion Clutch Afrique – Season’s Hunt

Earring PIDDIDDLE Oh So Gawdy Earring – Season’s Hunt Gift

Socks *mocha* Short Loose Socks – Not Free

Pose Olive Juice

Location Sea Salt

The SGBHW gifts require you to join the SGB Resort Mall Group and pick up a gift ticket at the kiosks scattered about the mall.  Then just touch the items to receive your gifts.


Sometimes a Hunt Gift Just Speaks to Me

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I could show you literally dozens of things I love from the Seasons Hunt Autumn.. but the rifles and pose from dfo.  are just.  Well.  They are rifles.  With poses.  I am pleased.



Everything noted, except the skin, is from the hunt.


fri. Apple Ash Blonde

Insufferable Dastard – Colors of Fall / Red Eyes

Skin – Adam n Eve _ Aradne Halloween (group gift in store, 1L join fee!)

Cheap Makeup – Sparkly Blood Tears

!Ohmai Faux White Pygmy Vest

Ingenue Bijou Dress Cranberry

Willow Creek Moccasin

LaGyo Crudelia Earrings


BRB accessories *bambi Hug* bangles (upper arm)



Raw House Raquelle Lt. Brown

Addict LUCILLE Sweater Dress Moss

Insufferable Dastard Colors of Fall/Brown Eyes

MAGIC NOOK Indian Summer Leggings


Pose and Props dfo! gone huntin’

Background L2 Studio – The Caramel House


The blog is here, with the slurls to all the stores.  You are looking for Pete the Pumkin.  Some of them are tough to find, but all of them are worth it!



August 13, 2010 2 comments

I’m this many days old: 1000. /holds up a thousand fingers

What’s that mean? Nuthin’. *shrugs*


Hair: (Dernier Cri) Ann 01
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Kalista T tan
Sunglasses: [Gos] Custom Eyewear v5.0b CATEYE
Cigarette: FNKY! Cigarette II (long ash)
Belt: fri. – Wide Waist.Belt (Black)
Bag: [Armidi Gisaci] Focsani Bag – Black
Jacket: .:MALT:. Stitched Suede Jacket – Manatee
Top: **DP**yumyum Simple tank/black**
Skirt: Emery – Skirt B-Zip #Gray
Hosiery: *Sheer* Tights 25: Semi-Opaque Black
Boots: SLink Sydney Overknee Boot Black
Poses: [LAP]
Location: NEMO


West Coast represent, now put your hands up

❤ Hallie


Skin – !Imabee: Stem – Umeko – Grass Field / LTbrow/ Frec – group gift in store
Hair – !Lamb.Ghost – Honeycomb 50L Friday Only
Glasses – [dekade] Ave glasses shade 2 – gift in store
Top – fri. Poet.Halter (Sea) – not free
Shorts – r.icielli ELEANOR highwast short – group gift in store
Purse – Miel Glitter Bag – Texture change – 50 Friday only
Bracelet/Nails – [MANDALA] Takara Bangle/metal White (not free)
Necklace – [P/a] old group gift, not available
Boots – Duh! Tall Snakeskin Boots Teal – Free at Fab*Free Headquarters

Poses – RibbonN – Free in store


SYSY sent out these lovely shrugs to the blogger group, and I fell in love as soon as I put them on.  I love the texture detailing and the beautiful belled sleeves.   The poses were also a gift to the blogger group from Fanny Willis of *EverGlow*.  Very graceful! Fanny also has a nice gift set of poses out in the store next to the subscribo for 1Linden.  The necklace and skin are currently at the dressing room.  You’ve seen the skin from Tuli everywhere, but it’s certainly worth showing again.  The necklace is color change and a wonderful length from LaGyo, who’s designs are everywhere these days.  I paid a vist to the shop and immediately new why.  They are interesting, eclectic and very well made.

Hair – fri. Cassie anxious blond – not free
Skin – Tuli The Dressing Room Gina 03 – 65L
Dress – {SMS} Chiffon Dress Mauve (old Dressing Room offering)
Tights – {SMS} Dot Tights Pink (old Gift)
Shoes – Duh! Mauve Leather Booties – 25L
Necklace – LaGyo Crystal Long Necklace (color change) – The Dressing Room – 50L
Shrug – SYSY’S Shrug – Violet (comes with a tank, not shown) (review copy) -85L

Pose – *EverGlow* (review copy)

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Creators Stamp Rally

December 29, 2009 2 comments

You’ve all heard about this event many times over I’m sure, but I’d like to show you a few of the things I consider to be “must haves”.  If you’ve somehow escaped reading about how the event works and are confused, I’ll include a brief tutorial at the end of the post.

The White Tiger avatar from D.P. Yum Yum caught my eye first.  I missed out on the Bunny many moons ago, but I have the lamb from the last round.  Between you and me, I think the Tiger is the best of the three.  The PAWS and the swishy tail alone!  One thing I wasn’t really prepared for is how small this avatar is.  It’s not quite a tiny, but be advised you will be short while wearing this.  My White tiger is wearing the School Sailor outfit from Edelweiss, and like all Edelweiss outfits, it comes with a dozen different layers and options.  The shoes on this outfit are adorable little maroon loafers that are going to find thier way into my regular rotation, and I was impressed with how I was able to fit the multiple prim parts to this overly wide avatar.

In the same picture is the complete outfit from Coco.  Every piece of that, sweater, scarf, skirt leggings and boots, is included.  And every piece of the outfit is wonderful and would be worth the stamp all on it’s own.  The textures on the sweater and scarf are amazing, and the asymetrial skirt is my new favorite!  The boots are in the same style as the group freebie (which was still available in the store, though it’s fallen out of the notices, last time I checked).  They are really wonderfully textured and made, and come with a resizing hud.  Details about the hair and glasses below.

Click for larger view

On the left is the hat/hair and glasses gift from [Love Soul].  You get tons of colors and a nice resize script.  Oh, and it’s about the cutest thing ever.  I also have on the coat from Niniko.  It comes in several sizes, and is mod, so with a bit of work you can get a perfect fit.  I’m wearing it with one of the purchases I made to get stamp cards, the asymetrical Coco skirt in plaid.  I’m telling you, I love this skirt design!  I also have on the Coco gift boots in black.

On the right is the anuenue coat for men and women.  I LOVE the style and subtle colors in this amazing coat.  The fur lined hood is super adorable too.  I’m wearing it with the unisex leopard jeans from +Grasp+ and the panu shoes from Picnic.   The prims on those jean cuffs are fully mod, and are amongst the best I’ve ever seen.  The belt, which you can’t really see, is full of chunky wonderful awesome too!  Those shoes also come in men’s and women’s sizes, and include a set of luggage that can be rezzed (with cute sit poses) or carried.  The hair on the right is Zero Style’s offering.  It comes in 27 colors and is mod, but fit my big head pretty well right out of the box.

Click for larger view

 Here’s a better view of the details on the Love Soul set, and a look at the fur on that coat ❤

Click for larger view

 And here is a better look at the 0 style hair, and the textures on that coco sweater set.

Click for larger size


My friend Ed is modeling the Niniko coat, the Grasp jeans and the Picnic shoes below, standing in front of the gift from +Mocha+ “Midnight Girls Talk” furniture.  I’m guessing those Pigs from Vooner are not the girls he had in mind.   You get multiple versions of them, including one to cuddle!  On the ground behind him is the other suitcase in the Picnic set.   So cute!

Click for larger view

 Below my little sailor tiger is ready for an elegent party with the offering from Feather “macaron maker”.   This set is fully interactive with lots of options for prepping, eating and drinking.  And as you can see, primmy as all get out.  I’m going to try and talk the girls into a tiger tea party really soon.   LOL

Click for larger view


The shots above were taken at the Diversity/Digit Darkes sim, which has nothing what so ever to do with the Creator’s Stamp rally, but I was there last night, and I loved it. ❤


From the CSR
 “anueneu. 09wChoice! jacket
 “NINIKO” wc09 FullSculp Coat
 * O Style* Choice 2009 Gift
 *Edelweiss* School Sailor – Choice
 *grasp* /Leopard Jeans
 *mocha* Midnight Girls Talk
 <<V>> Pig Set *Choice 2009 Win Limted*
 Feather Marcaron_Maker (Choice!2009w)
 [Love soul] Hair+Cap & galsses
 *COCO* Winter Choice Gift
 Picnic “winter choice! 2009”
 Other items worn
 Skin on both, Belleza Christmas Gift 2009, Alyson and Thomas, Tan (in group notices) – Fee to Join
Jewlery – Donna Flora update group gift – Join Group and check notices
Top – Oyakin Group Gift (lovely dress, but works well as a top too, with wonderful textures) – Join Group and check notices
Snow Flake Tights {Bingo} – Set, Light colors, Old dollarbie (no longer available)
Belt – *~MM’s~* LB BasicLeather Belt – Men’s – Still on the lucky board – this is the best free belt in SL… if you don’t have it, go stalk
Undershirt – Fri. “Boyfriend Beater” Black – Not Free
Tank – Armidi Sheer Ribbed Tank Dark Olive – Not Free
Shirt (on Ed) – Old Alphamale gift T

To participate in the Creators Stamp Rally, you need to obtain a stamp card.  You can get a free one by joining the group and going to the redemption headquarters to click on the kiosk.  Additional cards are available by making purchases from the participating venders.  Items that include a stamp card will have a small sign somewhere on the vender indicating that it’s included.  Once you have your card(s), attach them and visit each of the venders.  There is a handy list of slurls on the website here (you will also get a link anytime you click on one of the CSR posters at participating stores).  You can attach multiple cards at once so you only need to make 1 trip through.  I was wearing them on my nose, eyeballs, shoulders, etc.   At each vender, you click the stamp machine and wait a bit for a notice in local chat telling you your card has been stamped.  Check them before you leave; occasionally one is missed and you’ll need to click again.  After your card is full, return to the redemption center here, and insert your card in the machine.  You want to have an idea of what you will select before you do that, since you have a time limit for choosing before your card it returned.  There are posters on the walls to help you decide before hand.   Once you’ve made a selection, you’ll get a screen asking you to confirm your choice, click ok, and you’ll receive the item.

You have until January 19th to obtain and redeem the cards.