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Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment
Skin – al vulo! giulia*malice Diamond Is Mine 3 Hunt Gift #16
Hair – Raw House – Raquella Lt Brown 02 Old Season’s Hunt Gift
Eyes – Bad@zz Blue Darker Shade Iris – Diamond Is Mine 3 Hunt Gift
Sweater – Y&R Group Lucky Board Gift
Skirt – Y&R Woolen Skirt Group Lucky Board Gift
Boots – ::Duh!:: Snow Booties Olive – Thanksgiving Gift In Store
Tights – Razorblade Jacket – Fall Grunge Brown Tights (part of gift) Diamond Is Mine 3 Hunt #70
Necklace – [EY:NO] Mushroom Necklace – Mushroom Hunt #37 (ended, may still be there)
Bag – ::Duh!:: (coming soon)
Pose – RibboN  (old gift)
Location White Bay Cay

I’ve Missed You

November 6, 2011 Leave a comment
Dark Mouse has 6 different items (some sets) in lucky boards at the main store.  I stalked them for a few hours and won several lovely things.  Filthy continues to amaze me with their group gift skins, and the latest is worth the price of group membership all on it’s own.  The prim feet from JeSyLiLO for the Mushroom Hunting Hunt are fun, but not terribly practical. They are not tintable or scripted for color change, so they work best if you get lucky and they just happen to match your skin, or in an outfit like this, where the joint won’t show.  I don’t own a lot of prim feet though and appreciated the opportunity to try them out.
Hair – Truth Nathan Treacle – Not Free
Skin – Filthy Group Gift November In store – Group Join Fee
Sweater – WMD Black Turtle Sweater – Not Free
Jeans – *ARAI* Non Wash Denim Black – Not Free
Jacket – *Just Because* Year Anniversary Group Gift in store
Boots – Death Row Designs Midnight Mania Board (group)
Hair – ::Exile:: Iona Roots Hollywood – TDR Blue
Skin – Glam Affair Gio Natural Skin Fall/Winter TDR $70
Sweater – Fa Creations Dollar for Dollar Hunt Item (part of an outfit) $1L
Jeans – >>>Poison<<< No, Ni, Na jeans – Mushroom Hunting Gift
Jacket – *Just Because* Year Anniversary Group Gift in store
Prim Feet – JeSyLiLO “BareFeet” Tan – Mushroom Hunting Gift
Necklace – Dark Mouse “Here Comes the Sun” Gold Lucky Board Prize
Earrings – [glow] studio Amore Earrings (gold) TDR Blue
Poses, Everglow, Olive Juice and Magnifique Poses for the SFFH Hunt “I’ve Missed You” couples pose $5L

Halloween Goodies

October 30, 2011 2 comments
On all three ::Duh!:: Mary Janes Orange – Halloween Subscribo Group Gift
al vulo – Easy merry widow sikly tone (former group gift no longer available)
Raw House Raquella Lt Brown Hair – Seasons Hunt (last day)
RottenDefiance Hang U Shirt Bottom Orange Skull Hunt (free)
RottenDefiance Haunted Carosel Tee Skull Hunt (free)
Sheep Door Check Pants In store group gift
Glam Affair Amelie Skin Silent Doll – Group Gift (30L join fee)
Lo*momo* 3rd anniversary Hair with Hat Group Gift in store
Lo*momo* 3rd anniversary Dress Group Gift in store
Mother Goose’s Milla skin – Lucky Board
fri. Apple II Ash Blonde (not free)
Jane Needful things romper copper – subscribo group gift, check history
Jane lil piggies tights fuzzy cedar – subscribo group gift, check history
Pivaaca Cable Knitting Vest Light Grey – Season’s Hunt Gift
::Para Designs:: Musicfest Black Light Tattoo – Zombie Popcorn Hunt
I’m taking this chance to show you my Halloween gift to my subscribers.  My Mary Janes in an unreleased rusty orange color are headed your way if you belong to my subscriber group.  If you don’t yet, you can join and hit up the redelivery terminal for all my past gifts.
Both the Zombie Popcorn and Seasons Hunts are ending (the Seasons Hunt is actually over tonight) so hurry out if you haven’t grabbed these gifts.  Also available for hunting fun are gifts from RottenDefiance.  The sign at the landing point says there are 10 skulls but I found quite a few more than that.  The gifts are a nice assortment of clothing, hoofs and horns.  And don’t forget to check the subscriber history (#2 right now) for Jane’s one year anniversary gifts.  They are an incredibly generous assortment of tights, rompers and sweaters in every color you can imagine!


October 22, 2011 Leave a comment




Hair CaTwA Maryam V2 FatPack Subscribo Gift

Skin Tres Blah {light} D88 Dewy Skin – 88L at Colabor88

Sweater Ibizarre Tilda Wool Jumper Brown – NEW (thank you Amyusha) (not Free)

Culottes – The Sea Hole Odette Culottes Chestnut – Colabor88 Hunt Gift (join the group and touch the candies)

Tights – *G Field* (old gift)

Scarf – Tres Blah Autumn Scarf – Season’s Hunt

Bag – Duh! Season’s Hunt

Shoes – Kookie Vo Pumps Green (not free)


Poses – Olive Juice Coquette







Aqua Seafoam Shame

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

What I’m wearing today, exploring a new to me sim (thanks Season’s Hunt)


Skin .::Mother Goose’s::. Prida III SGB (teeth) SGBHW Event $30L

Hair Fri. Apple II Carrot – Fifty Linden Friday today

Shirt [2byte] Stripe Shirts2 (brown) SGBHW Gift

Pants *Fishy Strawberry* High Waist Pants Desert Sand – Not Free

Shoes *FIR & MNA* The Ashbury Loafer Green – Fifty Linden Friday today

Bag (epoque) Illusion Clutch Afrique – Season’s Hunt

Earring PIDDIDDLE Oh So Gawdy Earring – Season’s Hunt Gift

Socks *mocha* Short Loose Socks – Not Free

Pose Olive Juice

Location Sea Salt

The SGBHW gifts require you to join the SGB Resort Mall Group and pick up a gift ticket at the kiosks scattered about the mall.  Then just touch the items to receive your gifts.

I’m sensing a (violent) theme here

October 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Zombie Popcorn is on it’s 5th incarnation, and the prizes are better than ever.

I’m showing you just a small portion of the things I enjoyed.  Seraphim did an excellent round up showing many more.  The hunt starts here. You have till the end of the month to finish.


Pictured (all from the hunt)

:::insanya::: Marzia Wheat Skin

.::MADesigns Hair::. Julia Red VIII

*MUKA* Halloween 2011 Top3

[Reckless} Death is certain Life is not Tat

[NV] Rebel Coat Blood

Pepper Jeans Baggy Day (without prims)

::LEO-NT:: Bloody Skull Belt

Kosh Hangman Necklace

::Duh!:: Engineer Boots Black


House – Zigana Little Halloween Home


Beauty Killer Electra Skin Zombified Bloody

MADesigns Hair Julia Red VIII

LOULOU&CO Little Bat Necklace

Reckless Death is certain Life is not Tattoo

Insufferable Dastard Witch Eyes

Sassy! Wisp Corset Vest (part of a dress)

PinkMares House Bloody Muffet Skirt (part of an outfit)

What Next? Autumn’s Bed

Lemon’s And Cream Table with accessories 5 Vanitas

House of Darcy Reformed (in mouth)




Magnifique Zombie Killing (with Bat prop)

Diesel Works



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Sometimes a Hunt Gift Just Speaks to Me

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I could show you literally dozens of things I love from the Seasons Hunt Autumn.. but the rifles and pose from dfo.  are just.  Well.  They are rifles.  With poses.  I am pleased.



Everything noted, except the skin, is from the hunt.


fri. Apple Ash Blonde

Insufferable Dastard – Colors of Fall / Red Eyes

Skin – Adam n Eve _ Aradne Halloween (group gift in store, 1L join fee!)

Cheap Makeup – Sparkly Blood Tears

!Ohmai Faux White Pygmy Vest

Ingenue Bijou Dress Cranberry

Willow Creek Moccasin

LaGyo Crudelia Earrings


BRB accessories *bambi Hug* bangles (upper arm)



Raw House Raquelle Lt. Brown

Addict LUCILLE Sweater Dress Moss

Insufferable Dastard Colors of Fall/Brown Eyes

MAGIC NOOK Indian Summer Leggings


Pose and Props dfo! gone huntin’

Background L2 Studio – The Caramel House


The blog is here, with the slurls to all the stores.  You are looking for Pete the Pumkin.  Some of them are tough to find, but all of them are worth it!


No Strings Attached 3 Hunt Round Up

October 3, 2011 1 comment

I’m pretty exhausted, I’m not gonna lie.  I did the No Strings Attached hunt yesterday, and it’s challenging;  most of the hunt objects are quite tiny.  I didn’t find them all, but the hunt blog has info about locations and clues, and you can join the inworld group for a note card with landmarks. I don’t have time or space to show you everything, and some of it was too primmy or large to rez on my poor overstuffed parcel (sorry), but I think you’ll get the idea below that this hunt is worth doing in full if you are interested in this “Goth/Doll” genre.   All items shown (Except the Poses, from STaTUS, who has a freebie pose pack out just for today to celebrate their birthday! and RibboN), are from the hunt.  Info below the pictures, but check the hunt group for landmarks, I’m just too exhausted to plug them all in!  In summary, I love this hunt!  There are dozens more wonderful gifts I couldn’t show you.

Background – One of the rooms from the Gothic Desires #4 Dark Dollhouse


Skin & Shape Squeek #17

Hair – OCELLO hair #20 NSCHAN

Tattoo – +ezura Xue+ #53 Body Arts Top Tattoo

Left Dress – The Doll Emporium #24 – Forgotten Flowers

Right Dress – A Netherworld #52 Leotard Red

Hat/Gloves – VC Designs #45 Dress Hat and Lace Gloves Amethyst/Black

Shoes – (Lethe) #48 Female 2/3 Gathering Memories ShoeOne


Skin – Mango, Mango! #12 “Red Brow”

Hair – OCELLO hair #20 NSCHAN

Eyes – Orange Marmalade #18 “Safra Doll”

Left Dress/Stockings – Blue Blood # Bloody Secret

Right Dress/Stockings/Hat PiNKMaReS HoUsE #8

Shoes – Grim Brothers Broken Dollie Shoes


Skin – *DivaLicious* #30 No Strings Attached 1

Shape – Pink Sugah Shapes #57 Dolly Shape

Hair *Bad Juju* #11 NSA 3 Hunt Gift Hair

Eyes – Orange Marmalade #18 “Safra Doll”

Left Dress/Stockings – Whims and Wishes #29 Forgotten Doll

Right Dress – GPD #54 Baby Goth

Shoes – Spiked Devil #3 My Little Black Key


Skin & Shape Squeek #17

Hair – OCELLO hair #20 NSCHAN

Left Outfit/Mask – Indigo Oddities #28 Damaged Dahlia

Right Dress – LIKKA*HOUSE Faded Rose Broken

Shoes – (Lethe) #48 Female 2/3 Gathering Memories Shoe


Eyes – REPULSE #40- Shatterd

Skin – Tigerlily #47 NSA Hunt Female Tea

Dress/Stockings/ Shoes Left – Montagne Noire #51 Marionette

Dress Right – Jemma’s Whimsey #15


Eyes – REPULSE #40- Shatterd

Skin – Mango, Mango! #12 “Red Brow”

Shape – Pink Sugah Shapes #57 Dolly Shape

Hair – OCELLO hair #20 NSCHAN

Dress Left – *Ambrosia* nocturne

Tattoo Right – Venomous Rage Desgns #26

Dress Right The Delectable Doll #9 Ruins Dress

Hat – Grim Brothers Broken Dollie Hat

Boots – SWEET LEONARD #42 No Strings Bunny Boots


Avatar – (except hair) The Dolly Box Club and Mall #1 “Corpse Bride”

Prop 1

Doll Case – Damage Inc #34 (with animated pose)

Wall Art – Nu Tec Broken Dollie Spc Wall Art

Prop 2

MV Broken Thomas Doll House (menu driven)

Filthy Things The Broken, Unclaimed and Forgotten – 9 great poses!

Rue D’ Antibes Red Seal Hunt (2)

September 16, 2011 Leave a comment

This is a quick little hunt, with 16 participants (one wasn’t out at the time I did the hunt), all on one sim.  The blog for the hunt/sim is  here.   Everything below, except my skin, shape and eyes, is from the hunt.

Start here, and grab your hunting HUD from the sign.  Wear the hud as you click the envelopes in the participating stores.
Background for all – Madville Textures (5)
Dress – *Vita Bella* Holly Wiggle Dress Red (16)
Hair – !! Calico Ingman Darla (9)
Pose – Pulling Strings “in the frame pose set” (8)
Dress – *FBMC* Bella Moire Gown (6)
Hair – !! Calico Ingman Darla (9)
Pose – Es’cusi  RSH #2 (14)
Dress – LisaL  Red Roses Dress (3)
Hair – Raspberry Aristocrat  Petunia II Hair Berry Smooch (11)
Boots – Indyra Originals Coquette Noir Augustine Boots (10)
Bangle – {JUNK} chevron bangle – onyx (13)
Pose – Es’cusi RSH #1 (14)
Park Bench – Barnsworth Anubis Fancy Park Bench – (1)
Dress – DD Lady in Red Dress (4)
Hair – Raspberry Aristocrat  Petunia II Hair Berry Smooch (11)
Scarf – Zeery Silk Screen Scarf (2)
Boots – Ali Couture Snake Skin Boots Purple (15)
Pose Stand – BB (12)

Miss It

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment
Skin – :Mother Goose’s : HENA(2) LB – Lucky Board
Hair – Tram A811 – group gift in store
Top – So Many Styles  Ethno Tunic Blue – Group Gift in store
Pants – JustB/ frayed unisex Jeans Light Wash – September Dollarbie in store
Bag – *Y’s House* Kago Bag 01 (Muji/White border) – Gatcha – 30L
Necklace – T R I D E N T Jewlery Unseelie Necklace Female – Twisted Hunt Gift
Shoes – Duh! Spring Flats Ocean
Pose – !bang – knee high fashion 2
Location – ANDE