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Before I knew him

Hair – .:EMO-tions:. *MELINA II* darkbrown group gift (in store)
Skin – Plastik Ataciara Chorus Cleavage Retro chic – 50’s Hunt
Dress – ::Beauty Killer:: Molly Avatar – No Strings Attached Hunt gift
Boots – *COCO* Leather & canvas Flat boots – TDR 50L
Necklace – Dark Mouse Pearls Forever – VIP Group Gift
Finger Tapes – Duh! 1L

Poses:  Everglow & Glitterati

Like so many previous Plastik hunt gifts, this one is jam packed with options and extra makeups.  Likewise the Beauty Killer gift is a genrous full avatar lacking only hair, but I’m just showing the dress here.  I’ve shown these pearls before but I love them so much I find them hard to take off.  Hurry and join the Dark Mouse VIP group as they won’t be around much longer.  I made the finger tapes because I couldn’t find the LINC set that have been my favorites for a year (are they still out in the store?) and I decided I wanted a fully black nail anyway.  They are one Linden in the store if you like the look.   The COCO boots have been everywhere on the feeds, but it bears repeating that they are really spectacular.

The real reason for this post is this hair from EMO-tions though.  It’s simply amazing and some of the best ratty/messy goth hair I’ve seen in SL.  I was amazed to find it as a group gift in the store.  Hurry and grab it though, because I have no idea how long it will be there.

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