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A Very Depraved PC

It made noises like I’ve never heard before while I tried out shadows and depth of field on Kirsten’s viewer.  I blame Strawberry Singh, and her fantastic tutorials for making me think I could maybe do this.

I love the results.  Or what the results could have been if I could have taken anything like a high rez photo with all that going on.   Maybe Santa will brings me a new computer *sigh*. Anyway I don’t really blame Strawberry.  Go check those tutorials out, and if YOUR computer isn’t older than dirt, I bet it will all work just fine for you!  Meanwhile, look at some of the yummy stuff I got on the “Very Depraved Christmas” hunt.

Hair – Truth Serena Carrot (not free)

Skin – Belleza Erika Med group gift (fee to join, gift is in the group notices)

Eyes – MADesigns Eyes Nature Mud Ink – Very Depraved Christmas Hunt

Sweater – /artilleri/ December Sweater (former 50Linden Friday)

Pants/suspenders – Acid and Mala Urban Pants Green – Very Depraved Christmas Hunt

Tank – Armidi Sheer Ribbed Tank Dark Olive (not free)

Socks – Maitreya Moxie Over the Knee Purple (not free, comes with shoes)

Scarf [Mr. Poet] Wide Scarf – Free

Boots – [Gos] Posh Booties Purple – Free! A Very Depraved Christmas Hunt

Trees – Zombie Popcorn – Very Depraved Christmas Hunt

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