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Zombie Popcorn Hunt Wrap Up

80 stores and I found them all in a few hours!  Go ME!  You are hunting for a cute little zombie doll in a bag of popcorn.  You can see quite a few of the prizes right on the hunt website (here), and join the group for a notecard with the landmarks and hints.  Start here and while you wait for things to rez, have a look at some of the prizes.

The only thing you see here not from the hunt is the !lamb hair I just can’t take off .  Other than that, EVERYTHING is a hunt prize.  Now here’s where I’m going to be mean.  It took a long time to snap all these photos, cuz there were SO many great prizes.   I really think you should do the entire hunt, and therefore, I’m not going to tell you where these outfits/skins/items are from.  I know, I’m a stinker.

If you MUST know, you can check my flickr for the original photos.   The names/tags will give you some clues.  But seriously, do the hunt.  There are plenty of great gifts I couldn’t work in here (especially decor).It’s well organized, everything is out, the note card is tres helpful, it’s a good length, and those popcorn guys are easy to spot (wire frame is your friend).

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