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With Love From … Hunt

Like the Platinum Hunt earlier this year, this is a $10 per item hunt.  The organizers have asked the participants to ensure that items are worth at least of $400.  Of course “worth” is in the eyes of the beholder, but almost  everything I got was high quality.  You can click on these photos to see a larger version on my flickr.

Dress: #1 Sawnsong  “with love nude” (left)
Under-T, Shorts, Leggings, Scarf and Arm Warmers: #36 JustB (right)
Tunic: # 59 Leverocci “Sunset Whore” (right)
Skin: #48 Lara Skin “Milla [With Love Hunt]
Eyes: @#13  [Plastik] VaeColl.Aegis Blue
Hair: !lamb (not from the hunt) DIY Haircut – Butterfinger (not $10)
Shoes: #38 Deviant Designs With Love Hunt Prize (left)
Boots: #6 ORION Unisex Boots Teal/Tartan (right)
Jewlery: #8 ICED Jewelry Pearl Snowflake
Bed: #40 Alchemy Immortalis AI Bittersweet Creek Feather Tick Bed
Table, Books, Wall Art:  #71 [Art Dummy!]
SkyBox – #11 Awesome Blossom Amelie Skybox (LOVE THIS)
Cake Plate with Goodies: #45 Artilleri

Hair: #2 Boho Love me. Gingersnap
Skin: #12 Glam Affair Nina
Eyes: #13  [Plastik] VaeColl.Aegis Green
Nails #41 N’Soul Christmas Nails
Outift: #29 Sassy Kitty Designs Scandanavian Play Outfit
Boots: #29 Sassy Kitty Designs Scandanavian Play Boot

Hair: #2 Boho Love me. Mocha
Eyes: #13 [Plastik] Vae Coll.Beauty
Skin: #22 Candydoll Elvira
Antlers/Ears: #63 PERA
Shirt, scarf and  Pants : #82 SHIKI Unisex Outfit (left)
Tank and leggings: #26 The Sea Hole (right)
Boots $Dustarrz$ Leather Boots MHOH5 Hunt (different Hunt, Free, Cute)
Gloves: #21  Just You Gloves
Skybox: #5 Magoa Apoplexy Skybox (another great, multiroom, adorable textures.  Comes furnished, and there’s an entrance so you can use it as a house)

Hair: #2 Boho Love me. beach blonde (right)
Hair: #2 Boho Love me. mocha (middle & Left)
Eyes: #13 [Plastik] Vae Coll.Beauty
Skin: #52 !Imabeee Miranda
Shoes: #9 Indyra Originals Coquett noir Mischief Wedge
Top: #37 Fishy Strawbery Metal Foil Top (right)
Pants: # 84 LG Femme Pied Pants (right)
Top: #61 *Connors* Patterned Shirt Camellia (Middle)
Jeans: #68 Fall Out With Love Jeans (Middle)
Outfit: #78 Indi Designs (Left)
Jewlery #80 Fusion Wing Charm Set
Bench: #86 Tea. Just another bench

(grey dress)
Hair: #2 Boho Love me. mocha
Skin: #87 sYs Skin Yule (pale) (with multiple makeups)(left)
Eyes: #13 [Plastik] Vae Coll.Beauty
Dress: #23 Riddle Birds of a Feather Dress Grey (left)
Necklace: #77 Swallowtail Snow Fall choker(left)
Shoes: #9 Indyra Originals Coquett noir Mischief Wedge
(sweater dress)
Hair: #2 Boho Love me. mocha
Skin: #85 Heartsick Ayame: Bliss with love (multiple makeups)
Eyes: #13 [Plastik] Vae Coll.Beauty & Candy
Dress: #24 DeeTalez Cashmeer Wool Dress and Leggings (right)
Jewlery: #81 WTG Love beyond the end (right)
(Pink Dress)
Hair: !lamb DIY Haircut (not from the hunt)
Skin/Eyes/ Ears #13  [Plastik] Lionheart
#47 Electric Apparel E! Sparkling Dress Hot Pink
Shoes: #9 Indyra Originals Coquett noir Mischief Wedge
Skin and Shape #88 ISPACHI
Pants: #7 Cynful Comfy Set Male (female version included too)
Skybox and furnishings: #5 Magoa

Poses From #54 LAP (big fun pose pack) and #70 LG Concept Idea motus

Plastik’s gift included 75 pieces (skins, ears, eyes, leggings and a scarf)!  Heartsick was also very generous with their gift, offering a gorgeous holiday makeup skin in a ton of tones and options.  There are lots of other skins in this hunt, and you know how that goes.  Not every skin looks good on every shape.   Standouts for me  included the skybox from Awesome Blossom (three rooms, scripted french doors and darling textures),  the skybox from Magoa, the Indi outfit, with their usual abundance of beautiful textures/prims and wear options, the playsuit with boots from Sassy Kitty, the hair from Boho (which is simple but adorable), the darling dresses from Riddle and Swansong, my new favorite jeans from Fall Out, and the leggings/tank set from SeaHole.

You are hunting for a scroll, and if you bang on the board at the starting location (or anywhere along the way) you get a notecard with landmarks and very helpful hints.  All but a few of these were VERY easy to find.  I’m not giving you slurls cuz you should just grab the notecard.  It may have updated information about a few locations that weren’t out yet when I did the hunt.  Except where noted, everything you see is from the hunt.

Credit to Tazzy Tomsen who let me know about the $Dustarrz$ boots over on the Free*Style blog ❤

The poses are almost all from [LAP].  Dove continues to wow me with her generosity and her talent.  The pose names alone in this pack are worth the $10L

  1. December 1, 2010 at 1:38 am

    I love you guys – THANK YOU for all the pictures!!

  2. Renee Harvy
    December 3, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    You’re very welcome 🙂

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