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Magic of Oz Hunt

Such a cute hunt!

From the Hunt

Evie’s Closet – Magic of Oz Aniversary Gift Silk

Frippery – The Great Pumpkin Eye Mask

No Strings Attached – Lantern (with pose)

Risusipo – Snow Globe

Rebel X – side table

Schadenfreud – Queen of the Fieldmice

MnM- Snow Globe (white tree)

Other stuffs

Hair – truth Bebe treacle

Skin – *League* taylor Sunkiss

Eyes – (Miriel) Anime Eyes Gold (no longer available)

Jewlery – [MANDALA] Takara bangle rich gold wood

Shoes – Maitreya gold IXkin Cocoa

You grab a basket at one of the two distribution spots (here and here), wear it, and click on pearls that randomly rez all over the ground.  Lag is the biggest issue.  The pearls are big, abundant and easy to see (they were EVERYWHERE in the actual shopping areas, once they started to rez).  It’s just moving around and clicking on them that slows you down.  Once your basket fills (6 pearls) you redeem it for one of the 20 prizes tokens (you do that right on the spot).  Fill your basket as many times as you like and collect all the prize redemption “bluebirds”.   Wear a bluebird on your shoulder, click the rainbow in each of the participating stores, and collect your prizes (how cute is that?).   Check the instructions that come with the baskets for more details.

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