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Murder at Skull Creek… Solved!

I’m not gonna lie to you, this took a while.   But I was so engrossed I barely noticed.   You are searching this large and beautiful build for clues, sometimes tiny (though thankfully, they are all more or less out in the open) to a murder mystery.

Everything below, except the hair and shoes,  is a prize from the hunt, which you  collect in the diner after solving the crime.  The hair is YunA’s in store group gift to celebrate their new location.  The shoes are still in the Baby Monkey Junkies group notices.


Skin – Exodi Isolde 39 All tones (Cachet (lt) shown)

Dress – WoE Nomi Jean Dress

Jewlery – Exodi Nyla Set

Pose/Glass – HopScotch “on the case”

Skin – Exodi Isolde 39 All tones (Cachet (lt) shown)

Top – Vanitas Vesture Wonderland Victoriana Silk Top Sanhain

Necklace – Exodi Water Wheel (says for men, but fit me perfectly out of the box)

Anklet – Exodi Nyla Set

Skirt – WoE Nomi Jean Dress

Skin – Exodi Isolde Vamp Fed

Top – SYSY’s Halloween Shark Attack tanks for him and her

Pants – Dreams Black Jean Carpris

And then, because I had a hard time getting things to rez at the site, closeups of the skin, both necklaces, shoes and the really gorgeous belt included with the WoE dress.

When you arrive, go to the sheriff’s station opposite the sign and find the detective notebook on one of the desks.  Wear the hud it gives you and click on the info tab for more directions on completing the game.  The build is absolutely stunning and the story line is intricate and creative.  Dick and Ryker clearly put a lot of time and effort into this event.  Honestly, the prizes, while spectacular, are not even the point.  Just making my way through this build, finding the pieces of the puzzle and marveling at the “interactive” aspects of the game reminded me all over again what there is to love about SL.   Thank you both so much!

  1. Angelina Marsault
    October 29, 2010 at 9:55 am

    Well said, I enjoyed this event so much! Thank you for blogging it, I hope it helps them to know we appreciate their fantastic effort. 🙂

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