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Dive, um, hunt? Game? Event?

I spent the morning working my way through the “Dive” build at Sn@tch.  You arrive at the lobby of the very creepy Hyperion Hotel, and click on the objects at the bell desk for your instructions.  It took me a good bit to work out the very first puzzle (which lets you TP to the next level), but the rest fell into place once I understood how it worked.

[ths] skin

Crimson and Clover Skin

Scattered throughout the levels are TONS of prizes.  I’m just showing a small fraction of the ones I found (click and open EVERYTHING). The organizers stress that this is not a traditional hunt… you need to solve puzzles to get to each level where you will find more prizes.  It takes a bit of time, and some patience but it really was a lot of fun and would have been worth attempting even without the prizes.  Thank you so much to Ivey and everyone involved in creating and donating to this event!


Shape – [Infamous] Jezebelle Female

Skin – Crimson and Clover AFP

Dress – Sn@tch Dirty pop Dress (purple)

Necklace *Dreams* Skull Buckle Collar

Mouth Fierce**Jewellery (STFU) lip zip

Acid and Mala Creations Knitted Arm and Leg Warmers Halloween

Shape – [Infamous] Jezebelle Female

Skin – Crimson and Clover AFP

Shirt – Nomine Sinnerman Buttondown

Pants – Sn@tch Cheer Sweats Purple (Cheer Camp)

Mouth Fierce**Jewellery (STFU) lip zip

Shape – [Infamous] Jezebelle Female

Skin – [ths] honey [Vera] crimson [breastA]

Shirt – Sn@tch Thermal Tee black (Glitter)

Capris – Sn@tch Camo Capri (Tribal)

Necklace – [Gauze] Caged Necklace

Finger Tapes – Sn@tch Figertape (Whte/Black Nails)

Shape – [Infamous] Jezebelle Female

Skin – [ths] pale [Vera] crimson [breastA]

Pants – Moonshine Dive Jean Smoke

Top – Nomine Metro Landon

Finger Tapes – Sn@tch Figertape (Whte/Black Nails)

Mouth – Muties Candi Games Mutie

Jewlery – Anne’s Emerald Brooch

Not from the hunt

Shoes ::Duh!:: Velvet Flats Grape & Grey

Lashes – Silhouette Eyes Carnivale Tipped

Hair – Truth Sienna expresso

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