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Hello Fall, goodbye Lindens.

I loved pretty much everything new I saw yesterday.  I bought up nearly all of 50L Friday, a good bit of the Dressing Room’s new collection (13) and some Rockin Friday Items too.  Then WordPress/the internet/Second Life/the world decided not to love on me, and I couldn’t get this post up while you could still buy all of it.  My bad!

Skin *League* Taylor Sunkiss Glam Cleavage – Not Free
Hair Tiny Bird “Jailbird” Warm Brown – 50L Today
Eyes MADesigns Eyes Promise green 15 – MHO 4 hunt gift,
Belt  AOHARU BT OstrichRingBelt Brown – Not Free
Sweater/Shirt Doppelganger Inc Forester Sweater Grey/Red Shirt
Skirt SMS Simple Red Skirt for TDR 13
Earrings *YS&YS* FeelFree Hearth Earring (Former Group Gift)
Vest Vive9 Dear Rabbit Vest Female – TDR 13
Boots Kookie Nyox Hobbit Boots – 50L today
Yellow Tights I Don’t know… loose in my inventory w/ no creator name.  Sorry!
Pose Penny Dreadful Arcade (not available anymore)
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