Summer is Green

I saw this cute outfit from Elymode on the feed today which I think is adorable.  It is a group gift, in the in world group, which will be free until August 15th.  After that it will be 150L to join.  I put it together with a 10L skin I picked up from Orage Creations and one of the latest group gifts from Primalot for this very green look.



~Search Elymode in groups to get this outfit.  The shirt I am wearing under the Elymode outfit is not included, fyi.  I stuck one of the Luck Inc tank dress tops underneath, just cuz I thought it was fun, and it shows how versatile this outfit is.  The pieces can be used for mix and match.   
~The Primalot earrings are so different and well made.  They feature a very small frog on one and a small snake on the other.  If you subscribe and then hit the group gift folder next to the subscribo, you can pick either all the group gifts, or pick and choose.  The earrings are option #2.  The necklace I am wearing is available as a gift in cyan.  The green color I won in the lucky chair. 
~The shoes are by Vinyl Cafe and are only 75L, which may be a limited time offer.  They are really nicely textured, and I love the design and the foot sculpt.  I did have some issues with resizing them and I am not sure how friendly the skin change HUD is.  There is a free pair in black available here (red gift bag) if you want to try them out before buying. 
~The hair is part of a 5 pack from Tiny Bird for 50L Friday.  All 5 styles are great! 
~I love the face on the Orage Creations skin, but I did find some of the body shading to be a bit harsh.  A great skin to wear clothed though, and a bargain at only 10L!

Outfit:  *elymode* Group Gift Pacifica  Free 
Tank:  *Linc* Tankdress Nerdieh (former 50L Friday) 
Earrings:  PRIMALOT Group Gift ‘Meeting at the pond’ frog earrings  Free 
Necklace:  PRIMALOT ‘Copious’ necklace green (lucky chair prize)
Skin:  *OC* Georgina skin – lips to kiss  10L 
Hair:  Tiny Bird – Girl Anachronism – Natural Red  50L Friday
Eyes:  Ibanez Eyes – Green Eyes (previous gift) 
Shoes:  Vinyl Cafe Creme Canvas Stiletto  75L 
Bracelet:  Dark Mouse Leaves Bracelet – Silver  (previous gift) 

Poses:  Glitterati  

Location:  Morning Glory  

  1. amataenzo
    August 7, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    I SO love her eyes and lashes too! ❤

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