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I Heart Fridays so very, very, much.

What’s not to love?  New !lamb hair and complete avatars from The [Plastic]!  Everything you see is included, except hair, shape and shoes.  There are multiple variations on the skin (freckled and not, “normal” and one with a lovely script tattoo), two versions of the ears and eyes (I’m wearing the prim “blood” version on my right eye), and multiple variations of the outfits, on all layers, with fully mod prim pieces.  The men’s version is similarly full of goodies.   Honestly, wading through it all was a bit overwhelming, but hey, I can deal with that.   I’m off to go be elfish; enjoy your weekend everyone!

On Renee
Skin/Outfit/Eyes/Ears – [Plastic] Blue Damask Female for 50L Friday
Hair – !lamb.Sour – Butter for 50L Friday
Shoes – ::Duh!:: – Coming Soon

On Rollie
Skin/Outfit/Eyes/Ears – [Plastick] Blue Damask Male for 50L Friday
Hair – Amacci Hair Jack Onyx – In Store Group Gift
Boots – Hoorenbeek: LE.LOOK! l’homme Boots – Former Freebie

Poses [LAP] and Glitterati

  1. Perion Leominster
    May 28, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Rollie is looking like Professor Snape in that shot.

    I kinda like it. 😛

  2. Ev
    May 28, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    Hi Renee, I gotta ask, Did you get 2 pairs of ears? I bought this as well, but only 1 pair and they do not look like that 😦
    I am in no way complaining, plastik rocks FLF! But just wondering hehe

  3. Renee Harvy
    May 29, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    Hi Ev, those are the ears that came with it, (Lionheart Elven Ears) but I adjusted them to point downwards. Just click them and choose edit, and you can hold down the ctrl key to get bars that you can use to move them around. Make a copy first though, and work on the copy, cuz if the ear ends up burried in your head, you’ll want another one to work with. Ask me how I know. 😐

    And LOL at “Snape”. He said the same thing… and yeah, I kinda like it. /me leaves to go wizard robe shoppping.

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