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Dark Katz 2 Hunt Wrap Up

I finally finished.. 194 stores and a few glitches along the way (join the hunt group and check the blog for updates), but most of them were fairly easy to find (thanks to the organizers for laying down some rules about hiding them, providing a blog with landmarks, and the hints!).  There are also quite a few unisex and male gifts so male hunters are welcome!

Eyes are from Sterling Artistry and skin is from [nuLOOK], both for the DKH, unless otherwise noted.  Poses are Torridwear.

Outfit – Tiger Inside You Unisex gift, for the DKH
Dress, including socks – Dilly Dolls “Tonna” (in 4 colros) for the DKH
Umbrella – <WorN?> “Katzrella” for the DKH (it rains black kats and paw prints)
Boots – !! Cattiva e Cattivo – Stomers Laceups for the DKH
Hair – ::KC:: Hair Dark Dirty Blonde & Charcoal, for the DKH

Hair – ::KC:: Hair Dark Charcoal, for DKH
Shirt – Neko Wonderland skulled tshirt – for DKH
Skirt – Blow-Up Miniskirt Vintage Red Tartan – for DKH
Boots – Arisaris Boots Buckles Charcoal – for DKH

Cat Tree from FD Poses (#193) for the DKH

Shirt and Jeans – :Macho: #85 for the DKH
Vans – Urban Surfer #35 for the DKH
Piercing – Little Pricks – Phucking Freak Piercing for the DKH
Hair – KC Hair Dark Midnight for the DKH
Chair – Mudhoney Spring Deck Chair (copyable) – TONS of pose options

Shirt – Indyra Originals Urban Agenda Blouse Fire Cat – for the DKH
Pants and Belt – Naughty N Nice Gift for the DKH
Dress – Rara Avis Nausicaa Corset for the DKH
Eyes (on left) – Eye Mania Aqua Dreamy Dark Katz Eyes” – for the DKH
Necklace – Ragdolls Cut “Big Balls Necklace” – for the DKH
Choker – Bliensen & MaiTai – Choker Ivory Tears for the DKH
Boots – Deviant Designs Katz Boot (these have a blade as the heel) – for the DKH
Hair (not part of the hunt) Truth Brit Treacle – not free

Sweater and Jeans – Dead Dollz Lisbeth Red Outfit – for the DKH
Vest – Duh! Knit Vest Black – for the DKH
Flip Flops – Parx for the DKH
Hair (not part of the hunt) Truth Brit Treacle – not free
Multipurpose Cuboard (with lots of animations) Cleo design/Just My Imgination for the DKH

Jacket – (Maybe my favorite prize in the whole hunt.. that’s all prim so you can wear it over anything )
[ANCAY] Neko Jacket for women – for the DKH
Shorts/Top – Mini Mini stripes special – SHUSH for the DKH
Belt – KOSH “Asphyxia Belt” for teh DKH
Chucks – KIWI for the DKH
Hair (not part of the hunt) Truth Brit Treacle – not free
Dark Katz Snoozer (pillows and blankets) – Pestique Furniture for the DKH

Skin – WEiRD DESiGNS Twisted Valentine for DKH
Tank – Ema’s Heart Love Tank
Jeans – Allep Jeans A18 for DKH With Belt
Flip Flops – Parx for DKH (see above – they are color change!)
Hair – Truth (not in hunt) Brit treacle – not free
Cat Nap Stump – with poses Agent Orange for the DKH
Yawning Kitty Chair – Cheeky Pea for the DKH

This is primarily a neko themed hunt, so obviously, there are lots of ears, eyes, paws and tails.  I decided not to show them because there are literally too many I don’t want to leave any of them out.  Needless to say, if you are looking for new neko gear, do the hunt. 

Ok, maybe just one.   Here’s the first and last gift in the Hunt,  from Nosotros, including ears, eyes, tail and paws, which together make this complete look.

Outfit, including paws, ears, & tail, Nosotros, for the DKH
Tat – Wicked Tattoos Tribal Wings Medium, for the DKH
Hair – Bliensen & MaiTai Hair Pretty Messy Pink (I tinted it) for the DKH

There were actually more great gifts in this hunt, but a girl’s got to know when to stop.  Besides outfits, there was tons of furniture (particularly neko themed), some geastures, some textures and even a neko themed “playground”.   I’m giving slurls to the shops as the prizes are moved frequently, but you can find them with a little effort (hint, they show really well in wire frame).

Happy Hunting!

  1. Maeve
    May 18, 2010 at 10:46 am

    Thanks for all that work, Renee! 🙂

  2. Renee Harvy
    May 19, 2010 at 10:40 am

    You’re very welcome!

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