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The Deck & The Dressing Room

So, the big thing this weekend is obviously the gifts out at The Deck.  I managed to get in this morning and picked up some stuff, including these leggings from *TuttiFrutti*.  I matched them up with a couple things I got at this week’s dressing room and came up with this:


(click for larger)

~The leggings from *TuttiFrutti* come in two different designs and are wonderfully textured. 
~The skin is by YourSkin&YourShape.  It is a cute summery sunburned Barbara skin and is only 70L. 
~The jacket is by R.icielli and I think it was also 70L. 
~The eyes are a new dollarbie from *S Bs which I guess is the name of the store.  I dunno.  They are upstairs if the url doesn’t drop you there directly. 

Jacket:  R.icielli @ the Dressing Room – MISSEILING jacket / violet   70L 
Skin:  *YS & YS* @ the Dressing Room Barbara TDR SummerTime  70L 
Leggings:  *TuttiFrutti* The Deck Celebrates Gift Vintage Deck Confort Capri  Free 
Eyes:  *S Bs Eye CoL-M  1L 
Tank:  [SC] Surf Couture – Love Hoodie Tank Top – White 
Shoes: *YS&YS* Rainbow Bianco  
Lashes:  Cake – Bedroom Lashes – Tintable 
Hair:  >TRUTH< Paige – cocoa 

Poses:  LAP 
Location:  Cafe&Bar SOFA 

I am hoping they extend The Deck Celebration by a couple days. I know a lot of people still haven’t been able to get in.  The gifts are wonderful though…a big thanks to all the designers are in order!  Oh, and be sure to pick up the Adorkable pose set.  It is a set of kite flying poses with kites, and is adorable.  I sucked at getting a picture of it, but trust me!
I can’t give direct URLs btw…the sim has fixed landing points, but there are TP boards. 

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