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I saw someone plurk about new shoes at Shiny Things and that one color was a gift in the new subscribomatic, so I ran over to check them out.  Then I saw someone else plurk about the Nyte’N’Day Hunt and this post came together…


(click for larger)

~These Shiny Things shoes are fantastically textured and available in a bunch of colors.  Hit the subsribo to join the group then touch the sign with the shoe next to it.
~Nyte’N’Day is having a hunt which only runs through 9PM SLT tonight.  There are 3 complete outfits and you have to find 8 Nyte’N’Day logos.  Check the sign in the courtyard of the store to see what you are looking for.  Be warned…this is a very hard hunt.  It took me about an hour and I spent a lot of it in wire frame trying to spot the suckers.  But the 3 outfits are cute and all the parts can be used for mix and match if you don’t find them all.
~The *BOOM* cardigan was a SLDD yesterday.  But the regular price is extremely reasonable.  I actually had bought it at full price several weeks ago, and then didn’t get a chance to blog it…and am too late for the SLDD.  Blogger fail.  😛 

Shoes:  Shiny Things Subscribo Gift Zimmy Flats Faded Denim  Free
Top:  Nyte’N’Day Hunt Veat Green Button Up Shirt  Free 
Pants:  Nyte’N’Day Hunt Veat Green Pants  Free
Cardigan:  Boom Wrong Size Cardi Black 
Bag:  YourSkin&YourShape Illetes Bag DarkFlower 
Necklace:  LacieCakes Piper Necklace (former hunt gift) 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Summer Blue Blue Sky 
Skin:  Tuli Eva Tone 4 04A 
Hair:  Truth Valerie Chocolate 

Poses:  LAP  
Location:  Copley Square Park 

  1. Phoenix
    April 25, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    Just wanted to let you know that I did the hunt myself after seeing the post, and some of the logos have been moved slightly to be more prominent, and all of them have been made bigger. It’s definitely not supposed to be a difficult hunt, and it can be done in about an hour or so (wireframe made it harder for me!)

  2. Gabby McCullough
    April 25, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    I pretty much suck at hunts 😛 so that might explain why it was hard for me. I found it difficult b/c the logos where black and white and blended in with the store decor. Wireframe made a few of them pop out for me but might not work for everyone. Hopefully everyone else had an easier time than me. 😛

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