Shape – Minajunk – Wimpy (comes with skin demo) 1L
Hair – MA*YO Tomomi Hair “Red” – It’s mod, and already tinted red, so I tinted it black, from Xstreet – Free (thanks http://sl-schnaeppchen.blogspot.com/ )
Skin – [KA] Skins Garbo – Iman Dark Tan/EB 01/ Group Gift – Subscribo Gift – check the history
Eyes – KOSH Eyes – 114 Zombie Popcorn Hunt
*ARAI* Nylon parka black – Not Free
::Wicked Tattoos:: Rage Tattoo – light – Group Only Lucky Board (frequently changes, it’s a clothing item today)
Belt – Kunglers Gorup gift April 18
::Duh!:: Torn Socks – Black (not availble yet… part of my gift for the upcoming Dark Katz hunt, and the shoes are mine too)
*Linc* Jumper Falu Red – Review Copy
Jewlery – Noir*lily #83 Zombie Popcorn Hunt (already blogged by Gabby)
Chairs – !Infinite for the Zombie Popcorn Hunt (copy/mod – love that! –  I tinted them to a color I liked, several poses too)

Poses RibboN pose pack Freebies

Busy week, so I’m just sharing what I’ve been kicking around it, and giving a preview of part of my gift for the upcoming Dark Katz Hunt.  Be on the lookout starting May 1st.

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