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Zombie Exodi Fairy Tail

Exodi released a new VIP Group Gift skin yesterday, which is lovely.  I used the top from Berries Inc. Zombie Hunt Gift and worked up this look.


(click for larger)


~The new Dael Skin Gift from Exodi comes in all tones, with freckled/non versions, dark/light brows and with a cleavage option.  This is a very pretty skin and well worth the 250L join fee for the group.


(click for larger)


~The top is from the Berries Inc Zombie Hunt and is actually a dress.  I love the open bra detail in the back.  Really cute. 
~The necklace is the Zombie Hunt gift from noir*lily and the bracelet is a new dollarbie from [fairy tail] .  It is texture change to silver or gold and one section is color change to a bunch of different colors.
~The leggings are by Prelude and were actually no longer available.  I IMd the creator, Polaire Aeghin, because I wanted to be sure I just wasn’t an idiot and couldn’t find them.  She is putting them as a gift in her Prelude’s Foyer Group!  This is a pay group (150L) but there are a bunch of gifts available right now, and the leggings come in about 10 colors. Thanks, Polaire!! 
~The nails were previously blogged by Renee.  They are a group gift from +LUXG+ and are color change.  It is worth stopping by because there are several other group gifts available, including a necklace for both men and women. 

Skin:  Exodi Dael “In the Air” Group Gift (shown: DkTan Freckled & Tan)   250L Join Fee/Free 
Top:  Berries Inc. Zombie Hunt Gift #80 Dress Pearl (top only)   Free  
Bracelet:  Fairy Tail Bracelet #1 (texture change)  1L 
Necklace:  noir*lily Zombie Hunt Gift #83 Pearls Necklace Snake   Free 
Nails: +LUXG+ Group Gift Nails   Free
Skirt:  5th&Oxford Rebel, Rebel Mini Asphalt 
Leggings:  Prelude Group Gift Bow Leggings Silver   150L Join Fee/Free 
Earrings:  Hexed Cross Earrings (no longer available)
Eyes:  Umedama Holic Gemstone Eye  Free 
Boots:  J’s Goth Buckle Up Boots 
Hair:  Truth Anya Espresso 

Location:  The Mother Road

Note:  The pics actually should get quite a bit larger when you click on them now.  P gave me a little tutorial in sizing. 😛

  1. April 20, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Awesome stuff! Been following this blog for a while and it was the inspiration to start one of our own. Still check in daily and have to say all 4 of you have great taste and take beautiful pictures too!

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