New Tuli Gift!

Oooo!  New Tuli VIP Gift Skin!  Tuli has gone with an Asian feel this time and she did it well!  The gift comes in two tones, with freckles or without.  Very pretty skin and the Tuli group is always worth the join fee!


(click for larger)

~Tuli Sayuri Tone 1 with freckles and Tone 2 without in the smaller photo.
~The necklace which is awesome is from Acid & Mala for this week’s Stumblebum Brigade.  You get two different styles for 100L.  There is this one that wraps around and one that hangs down straight. 
~The bikini is by Nayar and was just released this week.  It comes in a bunch of colors and patterns and I absolutely LOVE the bow, which you can see below.


(click for larger)


Skin:  Tuli VIP Update Group Special Sayuri Tone 1 (freckles) and Tone 2  250L Join Fee/Free 
Necklace:  Acid & Mala Stumblebum Brigade Caged Pearls Copper Gold  100L 
Bikini:  Nayar Katey-Kini Bumble Bee
Hair:  Truth Melinda Cocoa 

Poses:  Don’t Freak Out   Project Themeory 75L  and Long Awkward Pose 

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