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Split Personality

My freebie hunting this week led to two different looks, and I can’t decide which I like more.  The eyeglasses in the two *December* groups (in world and subscribo) were definitely a find this week.  The dotted detail on the left hand pair are just fabulous.  Downside, either I’m too dumb to find it on the menu, or they aren’t resizable, but they worked fine under hair.  Both pair are color and feature change galore! 

This group gift hair from Waka and Yuki is loaded with pretty details, but a little busy for normal wear.  However, I think it’s cute as can be paired with So Many Style’s offering for the Dressing Room.  The top on the right is meant to be a dress, but I liked it a lot more as a shirt.   There are prim pieces for the top and skirt/hem and the texturing on all is really nice.   The board is at 70/200 right now, so head on over.

I was planning on rezzing the glasses for a detailed photo but they exceeded my prim allotment.  By a lot.  I estimate there are about eleven billion prims between that hair and those glasses.  *hint – don’t wear them to the pose fair


Hair – Waka & Yuki Isabel Group Gift
Skin – L.Fauna {Lapine.Pale2} [Faberge-FR]OO – Subscribo Gift
Eyes – Curio Tragic Eyes Ice Blue – Not Free
Glasses – *December* Glasses No. 42 – Group Gift
Dress – So Many Styles Chiffon Dress Mauve at the Dressing Room
Sweater – Pig Sing Sing Precious – Former 50L Friday deal
Boots – Indyra Originals Coqueet Noir Shoes  Chasseur Boots – Free
Jewlery – Duh! Semi Precious Stone Pendants and Dangles – 25L each fatpack

Hair – Bryce Richie Natural Blondes – Buff – Starlust Egg hunt (some eggs are still out)
Skin – ::Exodi:: Dael Kauai (Pale) He Loves Me DK/F – Free at WoE
Eyes – Poetic Colors Eyes by LL Spring Meadow Freebie
Glasses – *December* Glasses No. 36 – Group Gift (note there are both inworld and subscribo groups with different gifts)
Dress – >>>Poison<<< Black and Roses Dress – Midnight Mania
Jacket – so what? ++black suit (jacket body/jacket only worn) – Lucky Board
Leggings – Sixth Sense Leggings – Grunge 1 – Free
Socks – (slow Kitchen) Innocent Lady Socks – Former Hunt Gift (no longer available)
Shoes – amaama+sneakers – Lucky board at Tic Tac Toe
Jewlery – Malt Vintage Bracelet/Earrings/Necklace – Former hunt gift (no longer available)

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