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Primalot Group Gift and Cupcakes

Primalot dropped a new group gift on us tonight and I opened it up and fell in love.  And it went perfectly with my favorite dress from the Cupcakes hunt!  I love when that happens!


(click for larger)

~This necklace and earring set from Primalot is just perfect for spring.  I just adore everything about it!  You should be able to get this from the subscribo…I believe there is a redelivery system right next to the joiner.  And I read the notice really quickly but I think it said other colors are available to buy.  I am going to check that out, cuz I want this in every color!
~The dress is also perfect. I love the color, the texturing, the shading, and the cute ruffle effect at the bust line.  This is egg #19 in the Cupcakes hunt.  I am not sure how much longer this hunt will be going on, so better get this quick if you like it.
~The skin is from Virtual Diva’s egg hunt.  There are several eggs in the store, this is #4. 

Dress:  Cupcakes Easter Egg Hunt #19 Be Mine Blue  Free 
Earrings and Necklace:  Primalot Copious Group Gift Cyan  Free 
Skin:  Virtual Diva Easter Hunt #4 Doroty 2 sunshine  Free 
Bracelet:  Dark Mouse Abstract Extravagance
Eyes:  Poetic Colors 
Hair:  Truth Melinda Cocoa

Poses:  Everglow  and MADesigns  

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