More Easter Huntin’

I agree with Renee…there is too much stuff going on this weekend!  I did manage to do some of the Mixed Up Bunny Hunt, a tiny bit of the Starlust hunt,  and grabbed a couple other things to show you from Super Bargain Saturday and Stumblebum.


(click for larger)

~First is this fabulous skin from L Fauna.  This is a gift in the subscribo and is available for redelivery.  Go join the subscribo and then touch the mailbox next to it.  This skin come in 3 tones, with or without freckles. 
~The dress is by Urbanity for Super Bargain Saturday, so you will have to hurry to grab this deal.
~The hair is Lamb and is for the Stumblebum Brigade.  You get two different styles for 150L.
~The bracelet is by LacieCakes for the Mixed Up Bunny Hunt.  You have to go here and get the egg, then go to the LM in the folder, wear the egg in the folder and touch the basket. 



(click for larger)

~These rings from alaMood?  Everyone needs them!  They are from the Mixed Up Bunny Hunt and are really cool!
~The dress and jewelry are from Elate and Ganked for the MUBH.  The shoes and socks are from Ingenue and Pig for the Starlust Egg Hunt. 
~and yes, that is my bunny making a cameo in the background there.  He hopped over when I snapped the pic.  Awww. 

Details Pic 1:

Dress: Urbanity Super Bargain Saturday Brown Zipped SBS  60L
Hair:  Lamb Stumblebum Bridage Stargaze Kit Kat (2 styles) 150L
Bracelet:  LacieCakes MUBH Deanna Bracelet  Free 
Necklace:  Sigma Aura Necklace   
Skin:  L. Fauna Group Love Skin [Faberge] Lapine Tan 1  Free

Poses:  Amacci @ Pose Fair

Details pic 2:

Dress:   (Elate!) MUBH Joy Easter Dress Pink  Free 
Socks:  Pig Starlust Egg Hunt Duotone Socks Sherbert  Free 
Shoes:  Ingenue Starlust Egg Hunt Dianthus Blush  Free  
Rings:  alaMood MUBH Sweet Stacked Spring Rings  Free 
Jewelry:  Ganked MUBH Bunnies Revenge Set  Free 
Skin:  L. Fauna Group Love Skin [Faberge] Lapine Tan 1  Free
Hair:  Truth Mena Fudge

Pose:  Olive Juice Starlust Hunt   Free

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