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Hunt Overload

Too. Much. Stuff.

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Skin – Cupcakes Embrace sunkissed april – Cupcakes Hunt Easter Egg 5
Eyes – Cupcakes Bright Eyes Olive – Cupcakes Hunt Easter Egg 29
Hair – Tiny Bird Olivia Brownie – Not Free
Necklace – Happy Finds Lace Skull Cotton Heart (previous freebie)
Dress – Cupcakes Spring Corset Dress Pink – Cupcakes Easter Egg 30
Leggings – Mixed Up Bunny Hunt !Ohmai Easter Bunny Leggings Lemonpeaches
Scarf – Decoy Maya Scarf Striped Pink at the Mixed up Bunny Hunt
Shoes – Shiny Things Dare Pump Hot Pink – Not Free
Pose – Olive Juice   at the Starlust Egg Hunt -10L

Wonderful Prizes in these three hunts.  You are hunting GIANT eggs at the starlust, between 1-10L.  The cupcakes hunt is a straight forward egg hunt, and the eggs aren’t too hard to find.  The Mixed up Bunny hunt is a bit more complex.  You find the egg, touch the egg, wear the object in the folder that the egg gives you, and TP to the landmark in the folder, to touch the easter basket at that site for your prize.  Have fun hunting!

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