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Hunt Overload, redux

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I’m just creating posts as I unpack things.  This one features the breathtaking gift from Zaara for the Mixed Up Bunny Hunt.  As I stated previously, you find the egg, click it, wear the object in the folder it gives you, and tp to the landmark in the folder, to click on the easter basket and get your gift.  The jewlery is a gift from Ganked and it’s on the roof of the store (and they have a MUBH gift too!).  The skin is from a “new to me” store, Imabee.  This makeup is more dramatic than I’d normally wear, but worked with this outfit.  There are two other group gifts that are more subtle in the store and I’m really liking the softness of the face. 


Skin – !Imabee Light Vivian – Vivian Ate My Golden Watch – group gift in store
Eyes – Poetic Colors Spring Meadow Freebie
Hair – Bryce – Ritchie – Bold Reds – Sienna for the Starlust hunt – Free
Top and Skirt – Zaara “Larin Skirt” Wine and Mishti Tank “apricot” – Mixed Up Bunny Hunt Gift
Jewlery – $Ganked$ Canary pomp Gift (on the roof)
Shoes – Maitreya ChiChi Orange – Not Free

Pose “PDA is dead on it’s feet” from the purveyors of accidental love group

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