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We interrupt this theme to bring you this breaking news

Dick Wiesel knows his way around a pair of jeans!  What?  You knew that already?  Well get over to WOE and grab the two pair of freebies that are out all month then (a pair for each sex, but the men’s pair is very wearable by either sex).  Ryker Beck and Dick have collaborated to produce a whole pile of freebies, no strings attached.  No hunt, no group membership, no work.  Just TP over there and snap them up.  There are skins, eyes, and mani/pedis from Ryker, and several tops to go with the jeans from Dick.  The skin is a fat pack in a natural makeup, with all tones and lots of options!   TY both! ❤

 Click for larger view


Skin – ::Exodi:: Dael Molokai (Tan) He Loves Me – DK/C – Gift at WoE
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Spring Meadow – Freebie
Mani – ::Exodi :: Manipedis – Mani – black – Gift at WoE
Hair – [AMG Boudoir] Yukawa *BLACK* Free Gift – group gift in store
Scarf – [AMG Boudoir] Winter Frilly Scarf *brown* – group gift in store
Jeans – :.WoE.: GRJ-F* Gracyn Jeans (Steel) – Gift at WoE
Top –  Young Urban – Brown Cardigan – !KMADD City Exclusive gift (below the landing point)
Shoes – *G Field* Update Group Welcome Gift ver 2 – not sure if it’s still in the subscribo

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