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Late Friday with some Freebs

So I got a new computer last weekend, with what is supposed to be a better graphics card.  I tried to take pictures for the 1st time tonight and ran into issues.  Hence, this post is late and the pictures are meh.  I hope I can resolve the graphics issues. If not…I am gonna hafta quit blogging. 😐 


(click for larger)

~I picked up this fabulous scarf from Mr. Poet the other day.  It is meant for men, but resizes down nicely.  It is texture change and best of all, it is free!   It is a fabulous sculpt and the textures are really great.
~I made the scarf purple to go with the fri.day 50L Friday boots, which are very cool.  I don’t know if it is an oversight, however, but they are no mod and no resize script. I hope they change that with the official release.
~The sf design vest and [HUZ] tattoo are both from a big wall of freebies at MADesigns.
~The Miel jewelry set is from today’s 50L Friday and is fabulous and the hair is Lamb, also 50L today only.

Vest:  sf design KMADD City Exclusive Gift Open Leather Vest  Free
Tattoo:  [Huz] KMADD City Exclusive Gift Kanji  Free 
Scarf:  Mr. Poet Wide Scarf (texture change) Free   
Jeans:   Decoy Dana 76 Jeans Medium 
Tank:  Mischief Essential Tank Champange 
Jewelry:  Miel Ahi Set  50L Friday
Boots:  fri.day Journey Boots Duo Eggplant 50L Friday 
Hair:  lamb Sugarless Pale  50L Friday 
Skin:  Tuli Eva Tone 4 01b 

Location:   The Mother Road

Poses:  Everglow and Desire

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