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Snatch a cupcake

I wonder, if you google those two words, how many ways they’ve been combined in blog posts?  All of them doubtlessly better than that.  

I spent some time stalking the Sn@tch lucky chair last night, which is full of new yummy stuff, and managed to make a match on the fortune teller too.  The skin is the latest group gift from Cupcakes, and the hair is the ::69:: group gift from Christmas, still out in the store.  If you managed to be in both these groups before they went to a fee (or during a free window), everything you see here was or is free, or 1L.  Otherwise, it’s gonna cost you a bit to join both of them, but so worth it!

Click for larger view

Shape – Cyanide Rian (old freebie no longer available)
Skin – Cupcakes “Allure”  Copper Light Brow Mag – March Group Gift (Fee Group)
Hair – ::69:: Current In store Group Gift (Fee Group)
Boots – J’s Laceup Short Boots  (Christmas Gift, no longer available)
Eyes – LaVie “Irish Clover”  (part of the St. Patrick’s group gift in store.  Group is free through the 15th) – 1L
Dress and Socks – Snatch “You Don’t Own Me” Purple – Lucky Chair
Jewlery – Snatch  “Galaxy Girl” – Fortune Teller Prize
Tat – Demise “Marchosias01 light” – old hunt prize, no longer available
Pose – Cheapest Poses on the Grid – Purveyors of Accidental Love group gift

While I was waiting, the Riot Vend started to drop, and I got a fat “swag pack” of this adorable outfit for just 40L.  The boots, socks and leg bands were also Lucky Chair prizes.   The hair is a freebie from a “new to me” store;  I don’t know how much longer it will be free.  Only one color is free, and I tinted it slightly to get this auburn shade I’m very fond of.  I love how wonderful the cupcake skin looks on these two very different shapes!

Click for a larger view


Skin – Cupcakes “Allure-Copper-Light Brow- Mag” Group Gift (Fee Group)
Shape – GARAGE “Julia-Shape” – In store group gift
Eyes – Poetic Colors “Aurora Freebie” – “Aurora Freebie” – Free
Hair – EdelStore woman hair “Maria” majestic
Outfit – Snatch “Knick Knack Swag Bag” – Riot Vend 40L
Boots – Snatch “Misfit Boot” – Lucky Chair
Jewlery – Snatch “Galaxy Girl” – Fortune Teller
Thigh Bands – Snatch “the Cruel Thigh Straps” – Lucky Chair Prize
Socks – Snatch “Raggedy Socks” – Lucky Chair Prize
Poses – [LAP] DSN Sample Pack

Note that the socks and outfits are given in a range of colors, which I absolutely freaking LOVE as a freebie stylist.  It’s so frustrating to win a great item from a chair and have absoutely nothing that goes with it in your wardrobe.

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