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Relay for Life 2010

Sorry, Renee, I gotta overblog you. RFL goodness takes priority. 😛

As Gabby stated earlier today, she and I tackled the RFL fair last night. Here’s a bit of what you can expect to see…

click to enlarge

Beautiful gowns… lots of ’em!

click to enlarge

Vibrant swimwear to get yourself noticed on that beach. 😉

click to enlarge

Pretty dresses! OK, that middle only includes the skirt, but I’m sure you have a black tank floating around somewhere in your inventory to accomodate it. I know you do. I saw it. Remember?

click to enlarge

And many, many must-haves!

You have a couple hours to de-prim and de-script yourself before the grand opening, so hop to it! You don’t want to miss this! And it’s for a good cause! And you’re not doing anything besides reading my blatherings anyway.  😐

Anyway, as Gabby stated, she and I landmarked every booth we visited and bought from to link here, but I’m afraid chances are excellent that our slurl links will just drop you in the middle of the sim. It’s a good thing… there’s some impressive builds in these sims that you’ll also want to see.

Details (and the proceeds from all of the items in this post go to Relay For Life. Just look for the special vendors in the booths. Can’t miss ’em.):

Gowns: SySy’s, *G Field*, SySy’s

Swimwear: SHIKI

Dresses: Ume Mode, [LeeZu], Nushru

Must haves: Apple May, =DeLa= (just the coat, and it’s awesome!), Stellar


Hair: (Dernier Cri) Julie II – Black Shades
Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: MaAn:: Cocoa – Copper CL2
Poses: Kru’s Boutique


  1. Harper Beresford
    March 13, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    Well thanks. Like I haven’t spent enough already and then I see THESE cute things on you. *rushing back to RFL*

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