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Whatever your style,

I bet you find something to like here… I got a notice this evening about an Easter Gift at Sensual Mistery and hopped over to check it out.  As soon as I saw the outfit on, I started porting every male avatar I know to the place.  Even the shoes are included!  And a few of them got lucky and grabbed the second amazing outfit from the lucky chair!  While we waited for the chair to turn over, up popped a notice from Shop Seu.  At first I was disappointed it wasn’t a new hairstyle, but after I rezzed the critter enclosed, holy cow.   A beautiful, highly animated, one prim grey cat!   The cat comes with a warning not to rez it where “prim rezers” are not allowed, and I’ll confess, I have no idea what those are.  But it worked fine and my place, and I’m thrilled to have this sweet companion for the cost of one whole prim.

Click for larger view

Click for larger view


Outfit Left – Sensual Mistery (lots of layers and options, shoes included) – Easter Gift
Outfit Right – Sensual Mistery  (More options, and all the acccesories you see, plus additional props) – Lucky Chair
Cat – Shop Seu Update Group Gift

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