Walk of Shame

This pose, outfit and location all came together and made it look like I was doing the walk of shame which sort of amused me.  But then…I am easily amused.  You will be ashamed of yourself, however,  if you don’t pick up these free cowgirl boots from Hoorenbeek this weekend!  Thanks to Renee for the heads up! 


(click for larger)

~I can’t even believe Hoorenbeek is giving these away for free.  They are incredible.  Amazingly textured and amazingly realistic.  There is also a pair of men’s pants for free this weekend.  Oh, and so you don’t sit there like a dweeb like me…you need to touch to get these, not buy.  *rolls eyes*
~This adorable dress is from SK Designs for Weekend Fever.  Really well made and I love the line of lace at the bust and the ribbon bow. 
~The pose is from PDA and they are closing tomorrow I think.  Which makes me sad.  They have really fun and unusual poses.  They have full boxes of their poses out this weekend for 1000L however, if you want to stock up before they are gone.  😦
~The earrings are a former freebie from R.A. Crystal, which don’t appear to be available any longer, but while I was there checking I saw that there are a couple cute group gifts out that you might want to pick up. 

Dress:  SK Designs Weekend Fever Navy Dress  50L Weekend Fever
Boots:  Hoorenbeek Cowgirl Boots Brown (Freebie Version)   Free This Weekend ONLY 
Earrings:  R.A. Crystal Sweeny (former freebie)
Bangle:  Sassy Kitty Fringed Brown Bangle (former hunt prize) 
Tattoo:  CyberStar Body Art Full Body Mehndi 
(was a midnight mania prize.  There is still a board up but it wasn’t working today)
Hair:  Exile Monica Chocolate  (R) 
Skin:  Belleza Alyson Deep Tan 3  (R) 
Pose:  PDA 

And thanks to Perion.  Perion always gives me awesome fashion advice.  ❤

  1. March 6, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    God! Amazing Tattoo, Thanks.

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