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Cell Phones and a Bloody Cat

I saw on plurk that Glitterati had released a new set of poses and immediately thought, HAVE. TO. HAVE. Ten poses that include cell phones… the only thing missing are the duck lips… although I think I managed it in one of these pictures. You’re welcome.

click to enlarge

After picking these up and amusing the hell out of myself for a couple hours (not like THAT… pervs), I headed on over to the Rogue Forest sim for s’s and g’s. There are two adjoining stores here, Roseo and *M*, and both have lucky boards. For nothing more than the effort of joining the Roseo group, I won his dress (which comes in three lengths) and later on, I won an otter at *M*. I also won a Bloody Cat at this place but that was a while ago… I was delighted to see he’s still available for winning!

click to enlarge

Yeah, you’ll want to enlarge this picture to get a better look at that Bloody Cat. His ears twitch. His tail wags when you move. He’s cute. And bloody. You want him. And you know it.

Also, that otter’s eyes blink. I almost died from the cuteness. Go win him too, while you’re waiting for your letter to come up for the Bloody Cat. He’s holding a fish, for Pete’s sake, what’s not to love?!


Hair: W&Y Hair New 117 TYPE A
Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH:: ::MaAn:: Cocoa – Copper CL2
Eyes: Poetic Colors, pc eyes by LL, lava dust – small
Eyelashes: Silhouette Lashes: WIIDOW (Lush)
Sweater: *Roseo* mini mini Black
Dress: *Roseo* Kelly Dress, Red (lucky board)
Leggings: Last Period, Leggings 0001, Yellow
Shoes with Legwarmers: HOC Apparel – Toasty Heels
Poses: GLITTERATI – Profile photo 
Shoulder Otter: *M* (lucky board)
Bloody Cat: *M* (lucky board)


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