Happy VD!

Or what’s left of it anyway. I realize that it’s already over for most of the world, but with internet connection issues and prim nail adjusting, this took a long time, dammit! Let’s pretend it’s 24 hours ago, shall we? K, good.

Like Gabby, Marnix very generously bestowed upon me some of his clever artwork. I meant to blog this like, last week, y’know. Life happens and all that stuff. Anyway, love love LOVE these! And as Gabby said, the heart really makes for a great Valentine’s gift. Since that’s pretty much over *cough cough gag die* — they’re perfect for any time of year really. And he does more than just hearts! Be sure to check out his stuff, yo!

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Check out that ass! Oh, right. The artwork is nice, too.

click to enlarge

I really should have gotten into this whole prim nail thing sooner. They make your scary hands look SO much not scary. These are from Pixel Mode, and come equipped with a HUD containing about a billion different nail colors. OK, not quite a billion, but enough to make you choke.

I should also point out that the inclusion of ass-awesome lingerie with Nardcotix’s gowns is truly a nice touch. For the record, I have no idea if this gown was blogged 681937143 times, nor do I care. I barely have time to read fashion feeds and as I’ve said many times before, I blog what I like. 😛


Hair: Exile Monica/greystone
Skin: :: Exodi :: Sienna Nuit – Poker Face (Dk/F/C)
Eyes: Poetic Colors pc eyes by LL – grey sea  
Eyelashes: Silhouette Lashes: WIIDOW (Lush)  
Prim nails: Pixel Mode, Sculpted Nail V2- Platinum Edition: Gloss
Jewelry: Eolande’s Heart’s Devotion (review item)
Undies/Gown: NX-Nardcotix Valentine’s Noir No.14 Scarlet (review item)
Shoes: Pixel Mode,  Kavika Sheen – Plain – Fire 

Artwork: Swirly Disco Flames


  1. February 15, 2010 at 12:35 am

    Very lovely art. Aren’t we lucky to have all this talent in SL ? 😀

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