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Swirly Disco Super Saturday

My friend Marnix is a blogger and an artist.  He owns a shop called Swirly Disco Flames and creates some really unusual and original art.  He sent me a couple of his pieces and I felt like they were just perfect for a Valentine’s Gift!  Are you still looking for that perfect something for that special someone?  Head down and check out Marnix’s work!


(click for larger)  

 Who wants virtual flowers or candy?  blech.  Give them something you both can enjoy all year.  Marnix’s pieces are only 100L each and are transfer and modify and, as you can see in this next photo, I made Marnix’s print a lot bigger and used it as a photo backdrop.  Cool, huh? 
Thank you, Marnix for sending me the pieces!  I love them! ❤

Art:  Swirly Disco Flames Aroha Marnix no. 79 – h4  by Marnix Malifozik  100L



(click for larger)

~I am wearing a couple items I picked up for Super Bargain Saturday.  The dress is from Urbanity and is really nicely textured.  The pants, which you get in two colors, are from SK Designs, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite shops. 
~The hair is by Clawtooth and for 100L you get two colors of the Sugar Biscuit style, which features a color change band.  This is a Valentine’s special so I am not sure if it will be out past Sunday.
~The skin is the latest group gift from Cupcakes and I gotta say, I really like this one!  I haven’t worn Cupcakes skins in a while, but this one I will be pulling out of my inventory.  It comes in all tones, with or without freckles. 
~The jewelry is a Valentine’s Day Group Gift from YourSkin&YourShape.  Wear your tag and pick it up in the store.  I really like these earrings a lot.
~The bracelet and mouth thing are by KOSH and are from their LOVE LOVE LOVE Mini Hunt which runs through tomorrow.  You need to find 10 stone hearts, which are hidden both inside and out.  They asked that exact locations not be given out, so I am just linking to the store
~The eyes are a Valentine Gift from Poetic Colors and have a tiny little heart in the pupil and the chest heart is a Valentine Gift from Sn@tch

Dress:  Urbanity Super Bargain Saturday Wool Black Dress 60L 
Jeans:  SK Designs Super Bargain Saturday Molunkos 2.0 SBS1  60L 
Tattoo:  Sn@tch Mended Heart Tattoo Free  
Necklace and Earrings:  YourSkin&YourShape Valentine Group Gift FeelFree Heart  Free 
Bracelet:  KOSH LOVE LOVE LOVE Mini Hunt 3/10  You are always on my mind Bracelet  Free 
Boots:  BAX Prestige Boots Red Suede Half Price for Group Members 
Belt:  Luck Inc. Wide Leather Belt Solids  (R) 
Mouth Thing:  KOSH LOVE LOVE LOVE Mini Hunt 5/10 Crying Rose  Free
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Eye Love Valentine Freebie   Free 
Skin:  Cupcakes February Group Gift Copper Freckles 100L join fee/free 
Hair:  Clawtooth Valentine 2 Pack Sugar Buscuit Pink Eye 100L 

Poses:  Everglow , Glitterati  and LAP 

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