Gabby haz a Weekend

Working r hard, and it is taking me forever to get a blog post put together now. I started working on this one on Thursday.  It is now Saturday night.  That is not efficient blogging.  😐  And Hallie and Renee both beat me to the skin I was taking photos of.  😛  

But anyway…here is some of what I found for freebies, cheapies and sale items this week. 


(click for larger)

~This cute vest/tank top combo is the Super Bargain Saturday deal from Urbanity.  I assume it will only be out today, so that doesn’t give you much time, but it is a real bargain at only 60L!
~I added a couple hunt items that I picked up…Renee let me know where to find these fabulous shoes from R2 which are from the Cupid’s Heart Hunt.  And the arm warmers I picked up at Acid & Mala this morning when I was checking out their weekend deals.  Buy the cupcake for the arm warmers. 
~The hair is part of a freebie box from CriCri that is at a cute little hair mall.  I had seen the Junwave hair which I will show next on a couple blogs and when I checked out the rest of the mall, I found the CriCri box.  This hair is color change to a whole bunch of shades.
~The skin is a dollarbie from Mango Mango which is probably old news.  But I heard they were having a 150L skin sale and went by to check it out.  Very nice skins!  I am outta the loop on this one.  They also have a few skins for 50L at the Valentine Bazaar

Top:  Urbanity Super Bargain Saturday Short Vest Baby Pink  60L 
Arm Warmers:  Acid & Mala Snacks & Sweets Hunt Knitted Arm Warmer Candy Pink  Free 
Necklace:  Dark Mouse je t’aime Necklace Silver/blue topaz (R) 
Skirt:  *Staged* Frayed Jean Mini Skirt (former group gift)  
Shoes:  Cupid Hunt SHH No. 17 R2 Fashion Gift Hokulea CHH blue (buy the heart)  Free 
Eyes:  Ume Dama Cupid Hunt 1/4 Blue  Free 
Skin:  MangoMango Gift2 Goldy  1L 
Hair:  CriCri Freebies gST01 All Color  Free 
(look to the left from where you land for CriCri Booth)


(click for larger)

~A close up of the Mango Mango dollarbie skin and the eyes from Ume dama for the Cupid’s Heart hunt.  The highlights in the eyes are little hearts.  awwwww.



(click for larger)

~Here is one of the Pink Fuel skins from the Valentine’s Bazaar which I started taking pics of on Thursday.  It actually looks better on Hallie and Renee than it does on me…I look like Sissy Spacek in Carrie.  Which probably isn’t a good thing.  😐   You can see the close up I took on my Flickr stream which I decided not to use here.  Renee’s close up pics came out better.   
~This cute dress is one of two Valentine cheapies at *Staged*.  You can wear this as either a dress or a tank, with white lace or black lace trim, and it is only 10L!  There is also a cute shrug for only 10L that I didn’t manage to work into this post. 
~The necklace is a subscribo gift from (dahlinks).  At least, I think it is…it showed up in my inventory and I know I am on their subscribo, so I am assuming.  😛 
~The hair is a dollarbie from JUNWAVE and you get 3 shades.  I had to resize this up A LOT.  Apparently I have a massive noggin. 
~The shoes and bag are from YourSkin&YourShape and are free here.  This is for an opening so it might be very limited time.  There is also a really nice set of lingerie from Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue. 

Dress:  *Staged* Cotton Dress and Tank Set Valentine Cheapie  10L
Shoes and bag:  *YourSkin&YourShape* Espalmador “Too Sexy” Gift  Free 
Necklace:  Dahlinks Subscribo Gift Hanging Heart Slide Chain Pendant Rose Gold  Free 
Hair:  JUNWAVE Gift Julia L-Brown 1L
Eyes:  Ume Dama Cupid Hunt Gift 2/4 Pink Free   
Skin:  Pink Fuel @ Valentine’s Bazaar Skye Milk Pink Sugar  50L @ Valentine Bazaar 
Poses:  *Everglow*   (R)



(click for larger)

~Here is the other 50L skin from Pink Fuel at the Valentine’s Bazaar.  I like this one much better on me.  They eye make up is quite colorful but she really made it work.  And what a bargain this is!! 
~This little valentine lingerie is a gift from Mayden Couture.  I stopped by to check out her hair sale and picked up this gift.  I think it was a dollarbie actually.  It is towards the center of the store.  I also forgot to get the exact URL.  As you can tell, I am not so good with the details when I am short on time.  😛

Skin:  Pink Fuel @ Valentine Bazaar Sky (Chai) Girly  50L @ Valentine Bazaar 
Lingerie:  Mayden Couture Valentine Gift  1L  
Jewelry:  Eolande’s Heart’s Devotion Necklace and Bracelet Silver (texture change jewel)  (R)
Hair:  Truth Sarana Treacle   



(click for larger)

~A close up of the face.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Skin:  Pink Fuel @ Valentine Bazaar Sky (Chai) Girly  50L @ Valentine Bazaar 
Jewelry:  Eolande’s Heart’s Devotion Necklace and Bracelet Silver (texture change jewel)  (R)

Have a great week everyone!  Hope to see you all before NEXT weekend.  *sigh*  I need more hours in the day.  kthxbai. 

  1. February 7, 2010 at 2:08 am

    Those drawings are awesome. How the hell do you do that?

  2. Gabby McCullough
    February 7, 2010 at 10:04 am

    Um, well…they aren’t drawings. lol They are photos taken within a virtual world called Second Life, and that’s my avatar. Check it out at

    Thanks for coming to check out the blog!

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