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Glitterati, Weekend Fever and Gifts

I saw on plurk the other day that Katey Coppola from Glitterati was sending out a subscribo gift and couldn’t wait to get in world to see if mine showed up.  Amazingly, it did!  Usually none of the good stuff actually makes it, just all the spam.  I opened it up today and it rocks! 


(click for larger)

~This wonderful, multi pose fence is the Subscribo gift from Glitterati.  It has fantastic old wood textures and look at that wonderful shadow!  What a fantastic prop for photos!  Thank you, Katey!!  <3!!
~This outfit started around this skirt which is a in world group gift from Indie Rose and the hair which is a subscribo group gift from ChiChickie
~The top is a new release from Lark which Renee previously blogged.  I wore just the shirt without the prim parts and it matched the skirt nicely.   The jacket is a new release from SD Wears, and there is a pink version in the subscribo, which I blogged earlier

Skirt:  Indie Rose Group Gift Brown Denim Mini Skirt  Free 
Hair:  ChiChickie Group Gift #3 January 2010 Lealie Mahogany  Free
Top:  Lark Karen Blouse Country Henhouse  (review copy)  
Jacket:  SD Wears Ovation Jacket Tanned Skinned  (review copy) 
Leggings:  Jill Group Gift Leggings Brown  Free 
Jewelry:  DM Stone Dreams II  Dark Oak  
Boots:  Hoorenbeek Le.Look L’homme Boots (sized down, previous gift) 
Skin:  Belleza Alyson Sunkiss 3 Cleavage (review copy) 
Fence:  Glitterati Subscribo Gift Fence w/multiposes   Free 


(click for larger)

~Another shot of the fence, with a separate Glitterati pose…you can use it with other poses or as a prop in your yard. 



(click for larger)

~This pretty skin from Amacci showed up in my inventory today.  It is a subcribo gift and comes in 3 tones, with the tattoo. 
~The dress is in the in world group LeLutka notices and I put on the Primalot group gift necklace and earrings, which I already blogged, because they matched really nicely. 

Dress:   LeLutka Group Gift DINA mini/Ocean  Free 
Skin:  Amacci Group Gift Felicia (Fresh) with Tattoo Free 
Jewelry:  PRIMALOT Paradise Bird Group Gift  Free 
Hair:  Truth Joanna Sangria 
Poses:  Naive 



(click for larger)

~The top on the left is the Weekend Fever item from SK Designs.  I really like their stuff and this top is fantastically textured and comes on all layers.
~I don’t do dresses that often, unless I can work a different look around them, but I saw Tesh on Free Style show this dress and I really liked it.  It is free in the Ema’s Secret subscribo and if you check the history, I think it is #2.   I started trying to make an outfit around it but you know…it is better just as it is…simple and pretty. 

Top:  SK Designs Weekend Fever WF Top (old pink)  50L 
Jeans:  MIASNOW Jeans Ripped
Necklace:  SiSSi Collar Me Up (review copy) 
Bracelet:  Dark Mouse Twisted Bangle Silver (review copy) 
Hair:  Truth Sasha Mocha
Hair bow:  Truth Kylei Bow Mocha  Free
Skin:  Belleza Alyson Sunkiss 12 Cleavage  (review)

Dress:  Ema’s Secret January Subscribo Gift Tinker Dress  Free
Necklace:  Dark Mouse Here Come the Sun Silver (review) 
Bracelet:  Dark Mouse Divine Deco Bangle
Hair:  Fri.day Deena Cynical Black 
Skin:  Belleza Alyson Sunkiss 2 Cleavage (review) 
Poses:  LAP 

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