I’m late!!!

See.  This is what is gonna happen now.  I will get home from work and have something I wanna blog that is time sensitive and y’all are gonna be pissed at me for showing you something without much time left to get it!   And for all I know, the feeds may have been plastered with this skin all day.  I am totally out of the loop and no longer have time to look at blogs, plurk or the feeds.  *sigh* 

But I loved this skin from Tyranny for 25L Tuesday and Tyr has been known to leave her 25L Tuesday items out past midnight, so if you are reading this past midnight SLT, take a chance and head over…it might still be there!


(click for larger)

~And look how pretty it is and only 25L!  I believe this is a prototype skin for a new line, but don’t quote me on that.  The 25L Tuesday special is only in this milk tone, so if you are a tan skin girl, this one isn’t for you.  The shading on the nose is a little darker than I would like normally, but on Tyranny’s other skins, she gives a light and dark nostril option, which I assume she will do with this skin eventually.  I just adore the lips on this skin though…they have a lovely soft shimmer. 
~I am also wearing a cute skirt I picked up at Ducknipple.  Ducknipple is in a bunch of hunts and last time I was there I tried to pick up all the hunt items I could find.  This belted mini skirt is the Death Becomes Her hunt prize and I love it. 
~I paired it with a recent release from SK Designs, which my alt has been wearing, with this skirt, for days.  I think they go wonderfully together!

Skirt:  Ducknipple Death Becomes Her Hunt Gift Viking Red (buy the mask)  Free 
Skin:  Tyranny Designs Margie in Spring Milk Tone Subtle Cleavage   25L Tuesday
Top and socks:  SK Designs Aishak Bodytank (two colors)  150L 
Eyes:  Umedama GemStone Eye (previous freebie, not sure if still available)  
Hair:  Truth Kase Chestnut 

Okay…you have 5 hours…GO!!!

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