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Awww. Spork is closing.

From the notice:

It is not an easy decision, and we’ve given it much thought.  Spork will be closing it’s doors on Feb 15, 2010.  We’ve been open for 2.5 years but the time has come to close up and move on to other projects. 

As it happens, I was just recently at Spork. Picture it: a week or so ago, I picked up a vest at Petunia and decided to build a look around it. First came the skirt, then the leggings, and then, due to a severe lack of a matching top, the ensemble just kinda stalled right there. Then began my quest for a brown sweater. 

Not just any brown sweater mind you, but a specific shade of dark brown. 

A few hours and dozens of teleports later, I still wasn’t feeling the brown sweater love. Frustration had long settled in and I was bordering on the irate. So where do I turn? Gabby of course! 

“Who do I have to f*(% for a brown sweater around here?! This blatant disregard for my needs is completely unacceptable!! I will not have it!! Who is responsible for this outrage?!”

Gabby simply replied, “Try Spork.” Oh. 😐 Kthen. 

One teleport and right-click-buy later, I was finally clothed in dark brown, sweatery goodness. Thanks, Gabs! And thank YOU, Spork!

click to enlarge

I had intended to blog this outfit last week but decided I didn’t care much for the pictures I took so I bailed on it. When I received the notice about Spork’s closing, I brought my intention back to life and here we are. \o/

Be sure to hit up the Spork closing sale before February 15th and pick up some well made items at some great prices! And most of all, best wishes to GM and Barbara on their future endeavors! 🙂

click to enlarge



Hair: * 0 Style *Komugi*(Dark Chocolate)

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope  (dark tan/bl) gala

Eyes: Poetic Colors pc eyes by LL – grey sea

Eyelashes: Silhouette Lashes: WIIDOW (Lush)

Necklace: *SiSSi* Pebble

Sweater: [spork] Mankato sweater brown

Vest: ::Petunia:: Hawthorne Brocade Vest

Skirt: ~hanamachi~ brown pleated skirt

Leggings: ~hanamachi~ scarlet tights

Shoes: !!Cattiva – Stephanie Patent Leather Heels – Caramel

Poses: oyakin*

  1. January 27, 2010 at 6:40 am

    Cute shoes! Love them ❤

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