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Last Post as a Free Woman

I got a job in RL so my blogging is going to be a bit spotty especially at first, I suspect.  I will be confined to nights and weekends like normal people.  😛   I have to decide how I am going to do this…maybe I will do a once a week freebie roundup or something.  I haven’t quite worked it out yet. 
But for today, I put together 3 looks that include freebies, group gifts and some weekend sale items. 


(click for larger)

~First up is this jacket from SD Wears.  If you go in and hit the subscribo, you get this cute jacket as a gift.  I was already on the subscriber and when I went in to the store last night, the subscriber was busy, so you might have to be patient and keep trying.  The jacket actually showed up when I logged in this morning but I am not sure if it was because I asked for redelivery or if it was because I was already a member. 
~The hair is Tiny Bird and there is a 50% off sale going on right now.  The notice said she didn’t know how long it would run, so I would go soon if you want to hit it up.  It is only 85L for 3 color hair packs!

Jacket:  SD Wears Ovation Jacket Subscribo Group Gift  Free 
Halter:  5th&Oxford Rebel, Rebel Halter Pink (review copy)
Skirt:  5th&Oxford Rebel, Rebel Mini Asphalt
Leggings:  *LP* Feb Leggings Black (review copy) 
Bracelet:  Dark Mouse Crystal Cuff Silver (review copy)
Necklace:  Dark Mouse Here Come the Sun Silver (review copy)
Shoes:  ANEXX BuckleWedgeBoots Black 
Hair:  Tiny Bird Love Song Chestnut  85L  
Skin used throughout:  Belleza Alyson Group Gift Sunkiss  250L Join Fee/Free 
Pose:  OMFG! Attention Whore (review copy) 



(click for larger)

~This wonderfully textured sweater is a new release from Prelude and for Sunday and Monday only, each color is only 60L!  I am a big fan of Prelude’s sweaters and I love the subtle stripes on these.
~The jeans are from Acid & Mala and are actually a 50L Super Bargain Saturday item, but they were still out when I went by this morning.  These are unisex and come with a nice belt that I am not showing just because it didn’t work with the sweater.
~This is another sale hair from Tiny Bird and the fun fringy boots are a new-ish release from Concrete Flowers.

Sweater:  Prelude Heure d’Hiver Aurore  60L Sunday and Monday Only 
Jeans:  Acid & Mala Super Bargain Saturday Blue Jeans (unisex)   50L 
Earrings:  Dark Mouse Here Comes the Sun Copper  (review copy) 
Boots:  Concrete Flowers Imnu Boots Eggplant (review copy) 
Hair:  Tiny Bird Chelsea Hotel Pomegranate  85L
Pose: LAP



(click for larger)

~This cute blouse is a group gift from Twosome and comes in both the polka dot which I have shown and a plain version.  This comes on all layers so it can be worn tucked or out over pants/skirts.  Join the in world group and check notices.  
~The shoes in this photo and the first photo are from the Anexx/Aoharu sale that is supposed to end today.  I hope actually that they extend it some as the sim has been full for days now. 
~Special thanks to Stacie Pryor for finding this library location in the Drowsy sim!  It was perfect for my little librarian look I had going on. 

Top:  Twosome Group Gift A Lady’s Blouse Purple dots  Free 
Skirt:  artilleri ingrid highwaist miniskirt black
Shoes:  ANEXX RibbonBeltPumps Black 
Glasses:  artilleri gladys glasses (former group gift)
Hair:  Tiny Bird Love Love Love Brownie  85L
Pose:  LAP

  1. Perion Leominster
    January 25, 2010 at 12:42 am

    I own that skirt from artilleri. How come it doesn’t look as good on me? 😐

  2. Filly
    January 25, 2010 at 2:09 am

    because you are ugly

  3. Perion Leominster
    January 26, 2010 at 11:15 am

    Are you gonna make fun of my mom next? Cuz that would be cute!

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