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A few of my favorite things this week

It’s been a busy time around my house, with sick babies (both the human and fur covered kind) and working on a new release, but I wanted to take a moment to show you a few things that I couldn’t stop wearing this week.

Sassy’s style is definitely sexy, and often revealing, but I’m so impressed with the textures and colors that I’m finding ways to work their group gifts into my normal, more conservative wardrobe.  The dress sent this week is the yummiest shade of satiny bronze and just happens to go perfectly with the Cognac shoes so generously given by YourSkin & Your Shape for Christmas.  The dress comes with several different wearing layers and options.  I also fought the lag for 50L Friday and the Aoharu sale and found this sweater that I adore from Pig, and this wonderful leather jacket, both of which  cover up the peekaboo neckline of this dress.

Lark sent out review copies of their new release “Karen Blouse” and I adore it.  The blouse is typical of Lark’s lushly feminine style, particularly in this “Rose Garden” version.  I wore it with my favorite textured leggings from Fishy Strawberry, and then found that the jacket layer, without the prim, was a wonderful match for my favorite Zaara skirt, Larin, in copper rust.

Click for closeup

Click for closeup


Skin – Belleza Alyson Group Gift SK HB (cleavage) – group gift
Eyes – Poetic Colors LL Golden Forest (former Freebie)
Hair – Truth Hannah and Imogen in treacle (not free)
Jewlery – YS & YS Xmas Group Gift 2 Bronze Set ($500L in other metals in store)
Dress – Sassy “Lust Dress” Bronze – Subscribo Group Gift
Jacket – AOHARU BT LeatherBlouson Black – 1/2 Sale ending soon
Shoes – YS & YS Xmas Group Gift 4 Cala aona Cognac ($250L in other colors in store)

Top – Lark “Karen Blouse” Rose Garden (review copy)
Leggings – Fishy Strawberry “Corduroy Treggings Beige” (not free)
Skirt – Zaara Larin Skirt *copper-rust* (not free)
Belt – Duh! Crocodile Belt – Rust 10L
Shoes – Duh! Bronze Leather Flats – 10L

All Poses PDA for 50L Friday or Haiti relief

  1. Gabby McCullough
    January 24, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    doh! I overblogged you. 😐 Sorry, I didn’t know you were blogging! Cute cute looks though!! <3!!!

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