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Decoy Sale, *salire and other Freebie and Cheapies

I haven’t really done a freebie post in a while, I don’t think.  I think I am still recovering from the holidays.  😛  But there are a few really nice things that I wanted to cover.

First up, this dress from the Death Becomes Her Hunt which I saw HERE and HERE!!!!  I haven’t had a chance to do any hunts lately, but this gown caught my eye.

Edit to add:  Apparently, this girl has a problem with the fact that I may have seen the dress on her blog.  Although I can’t get a good translation from babel fish, it appears that she doesn’t appreciate not being linked.  Well, if she is reading, since I can’t comment on her blog, I actually saw the dress on two other blogs and couldn’t remember which ones they were.  I usually link other blogs and did not in this case.  My bad. I have been under a lot of time constraints lately.  I will be sure to either not mention any other blogs in the future, or do a link if I can find the blog again.  But she is linked now.  If I find the other blog I saw the dress on, I will be sure to link that one also.   Sigh.  Blogging isn’t fun anymore.


(click for larger)

~This dress is from A Touch of Ireland, and I think is very unusual and striking.  The diaphanous skirt moves beautifully and the corset style top has very nice details.  It also comes with a long sleeved undertop, which I am not showing, so this gown would be appropriate for medieval style role play. 
~I used the christmas gift necklace from Perturb/ation which is still out for free.  If you haven’t picked it up, you should.  It is a very lovely piece. 
~The hair is a new release from Magika called Alice II, featuring a color change head band and long, peek a boo bangs.  Thank you, Sabina!!
~The sim is a place called Life is Good which I saw on Banana Vella’s blog.  Very pretty for photos!  Good find, Banana!

Gown:  A Touch of Ireland Death Becomes Her Hunt #73 Gown (buy the mask) Free
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Aurora Eyes  Free 
Skin:  Tuli Eva Dec VIP Gift Tone 5  250L Join Free/Free (will drop out of notices 1/8)
Hair:  Magika Alice II Red D (new release – review) 
Necklace:  Perturb/ation Xmas Gift Noel  Free 
Earrings:  Dark Mouse Vintage Pearl Rose Earrings (review) 


~Next up, Decoy is having a sale, which is going on until March, I think. But during this sale, when a new release comes out, one of the colors will be on super sale for 3 days after the release.  This time it is these fabulous jeans!  They will be only 25L for 3 days and I believe the release was today.  The other colors of these jeans are only 50L per pair or the fatpack is only 225L. 
~The sweater is also from the Decoy sale and was only 50L.  The signs say 75, but when you hit pay, it comes up as 50.   The hair is also from the Decoy sale and is 75L for a pack of 3 shades. 
~I put the sweater over the latest group gift from So Many Styles.  This is actually a dress and/or a baby doll top but since it came in all layers I was able to use it as a tank.  Join the in world group and check notices.
~The eyes are a new freebie from Poetic Colors that just came out today. 
~The boots are not free, but are a new release from Kalnins called Snowdrift.  They are HUD driven texture change and the 3 parts of the boot can all be changed separately for an endless number of color combos!

Jeans:  Decoy Dana 76 Jeans Medium 25L for 3 days 
Sweater:  Decoy Izzie Cardigan Pink 50L
Hair:  Decoy Katie Jet Black 75L
Tank:  So Many Styles Group Gift (worn without prim)  Free 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Aurora Eyes  Free 
Boots:  Kalnins Footwear Snowdrift (texture change) (review copy) 
Necklace:  Dark Mouse Simple Pearls Pink (review copy) 



(click for larger)

~This cute sweater and skirt are only 1L at *salire!  As I looked around the store, I noticed that everything in the store is super cheap.  Only 25-30L for most items.  Plus there is a wall of freebies and group gifts in the back, and I picked up the group gift leg warmers which come in 5 colors!  Their knit textures are very nicely done. 
~The hat/hair is from IrEn for the New Year’s Resolution Hunt.  The hair is color change to several different shades of brown.  Buy the pencil. 
~The skin used throughout this post is the Eva Group Gift skin from Tuli.  This will be dropping out of group notices tomorrow, 1/8, so if you haven’t gotten it, you best hurry!

Sweater and skirt:  *salire Knit Check Set  1L
Leg Warmers:  *salire Group Gift #5 Brown (comes in 5 colors)   Free
Hair:  IrEn New Year’s Resolution Hunt #65 Sue Brown A  (buy pencil) Free  
Leggings:  Ohmai Basic Sheer Leggings Blank  Free 
Skin:  Tuli Eva Dec VIP Gift Tone 5  250L Join Free/Free (will drop out of notices 1/8)
Boots: G Field Long Fur Cuff Boots White (foot part only)  



More Decoy and *salire…

(click for larger)

~On the left, the jacket and hair are from the Decoy sale.
~The jeans are 1L for this color only at *connors*.  There is also a male version.  They can be rolled up or tucked into boots. 

~On the right, this cute little sweater dress is only 30L at *salire.  It is available in several other colors, and comes with stockings as well. 
~The hair on the right is the January group gift from AY.LinE.  My picture ended up not showing the texture well, but it is actually quite cute.  The bobby pins are color change, and the hair comes in several other colors.

Jacket:  Decoy Kelsey Jacket Black  50L 
Hair:  Decoy Katie Dark Red  75L
Jeans:  Connors Rolled Up Jeans Khaki 1L
Tank:  Elate Tank Top Yellow 
Necklace:  *ICED* Renee Necklace Platinum 

Sweater dress:  *salire knit long cardigan gray  30L 
Hair:  AY.LinE Group Gift January Poplar Seaweed  Free 
Eyes in both:  Poetic Colors Aurora Eyes  Free   
Scarf:  **DP**yumyum Gacha Muffler 3  30L per play

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