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Free Boots from Mentine!

Perion told me about these when I logged in today…thanks, P!  Biddle Boots has rebranded to Mentine and reopened, and Perion was still on the subscribo.  Today a beautiful pair of boots went out as a gift and if you hit the subscribo, they are a welcome gift!  Yay!! 


(click for larger)

~These Mentine boots have about a gazillion different ways to wear them…I am only showing a few ways here.  The sleeve can be worn up, down or as rolled jeans.  The texture on the sleeve can be changed to a bunch of different options.  The ribbon color can be changed, the zipper, metals, soles, etc…it can all be changed!
I would, were I you, keep the original box these came in as a backup.  If you get too far in and have changed a texture you didn’t mean to, it is nice to go back to an original copy.  The restore function didn’t seem to work quite right for me.
~I am also wearing a new skin release from Rockberry called Jules.  Heather very kindly dropped a sample pack on a blogger group I am in and I put it right on.  Very pretty all around and I just love the nose!  Close up to follow, after the boots.


(click for larger)

~2 of the sleeve textures…there is also fur, snakeskin and a bunch of others!


(click for larger)

~The rolled jeans option comes in several different jeans colors and you can also wear these with the sleeve up!
~Also…I forgot to take a photo…you get a pair of ankle boots in this gift!  They also have all the sleeve texture change options! 


(click for larger)

~a close up of the Rockberry Jules face.  Those brows are just perfect and I love the nose. 

Boots:  Mentine Subscribo Gift Pirate Boots Field  Free 
Jacket: Snatch Buffalo Plaid Bomber Jacket  
Dress:  Miseria Sugar Dress Cocoa (review copy) 
Necklace:  Bliensen + MaiTai Amber Down the Chimney Hunt Prize 
Hose:  Sh*t Happens Tintable Tights 
Skin:  Rockberry Jules B Light Dk brows/cleavage (review copy) 
Lashes:  Cake Bedroom Lashes
Eyes:  Poetic Colors
Hair:  Truth Anise Jupiter 

  1. dragonflowerdesigns
    January 10, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    I have one criticism of the Rockberry Jules skin, which I love except for the sort of dry looking (to me anyway) lips. I like a glossier lip.

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