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Don’t Miss the *G Field* Sale!

I almost did!  With so much going on over Christmas, I am sure I am going to be kicking myself over all the sales I missed, but I am so glad I remembered to hit up G Field.  And if I am understanding the sign correctly it ends tomorrow, the 28th, at midnight, so you still have some time.  The sale is mostly on red and white items, but I spotted a few other colors on sale also.


(click for larger)

~At Halloween, G Field gave out these boots in a pumpkin color.  I loved them, so I was really happy to snap this red pair up.  And actually, even if you miss the sale, the prices at G Field are amazingly reasonable, and the quality is outstanding.  These boots are 125L on sale but the regular price is only 180L!
~The eyes are a dollarbie gift from Silhouette, and includes a pair of frosted lashes.
~The cute little cropped jacket is a new release from Sn@tch and you get about 8 colors for around 250L.  I can’t remember the exact price but it is very reasonable.
~The scarf is texture change and I picked it up at the 50% off Awesome Blossom sale, which ends today.

Boots:  G Field Short Belt Boots “Emma” Red  125L 
Scarf:  Awesome Blossom Cable Knit Scarf (texture change) 
Jacket:  Sn@tch Buffalo Plaid Bomber Jacket (new release) 
Tank:  Artilleri Zee Tank Black 
Earrings:  Dark Mouse Simple Pearl Earring Black (review) 
Leggings:  LE.LOOK! la femme Leggings  Free 
Skirt:  Jill DR Red (skirt only)
Belt:  Spork Bourbon Belt (from Group Gift dress)  Free 
Eyes:  Silhouette Gift Eyes Evergreen  1L 
Skin:  Belleza Group Gift Alyson Pale  250L join fee/Free
Hair:  Truth Anise Jupiter 



(click for larger)

~There are 4 colors of the Long Fur Cuff Boots on sale at G Field.  I LOVE these boots!  The red and white are 125L each and the blue and green are only 100L each.
~This skin is by Plastic Flowers and there are 4 skins to choose from for only 15L each.  They are all pale toned, and are very pretty. 
~The eyes are part of a set of 4 that you receive as a gift when you sign up for the Amacci Subscribo.
~The cute bubbles are a gift from Turnip’s Homes and Stuff.  Hit up their hippo subscriber and choose #2.  I love these…what a fun way to do a skin review!

Bubbles:  Turnip’s Bubbly Bits Subscribo Gift  Free
Skin:  Plastic Flowers Skin Mod Purple 15L 
Boots:  GField Long Fur Cuff Boots White 125L 
Eyes:  Amacci Subscribo Welcome Gift InSight Winter Image Eyes  Free 
Necklace:  Dark Mouse Simple Pearls White  (review copy)
Lashes:  Cake Bedroom Lashes 
Hair:  Truth Lara Snow 

2 other boot colors…

(click for larger)

These 2 colors of the Long Fur Cuff Boots are only 100L each! 



(click for larger)

~Also on sale are 2 shades of red in these fabulous G Field Ribbon Slingbacks.  These shoes are such amazingly high quality even at their regular price.  They can be worn with the bows on the front, on the back, or not at all.  What a wonderful detail!
~The gown was very kindly sent to me by (Musashi-Do) and is just lovely.  Thank you, Shiryu!  Absolutely beautiful detailing in this gown.  The sash doesn’t like my AO much but if you are dancing that would not be an issue.  And you should be dancing in this gown. 

Shoes:  GField Ribbon Slingback Crimson 125L 
Gown:  Musashi-Do Brocade Princess Red  499L
Necklace:  alamood VIP Group Gift Portia Choker (enrollment is closed)
Skin:  Belleza Group Gift Alyson Pale  250L join fee/Free 
Hair:  Truth Lydia Espresso 

Poses:  LAP and Glitterati

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    Aww you have pretty eyes!!! :)) <33Abra

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