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I’m Over Christmas

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been busier than hell with the holidays and haven’t had a chance to hit up the Winter Sale at Creators Pavilion, much less anything else. It’s been going on for a while now but I’ve only just gotten around to it today… but I’m glad I got there before it ended. There’s some cute stuff to be had, yo! 

If you’ve already been by, it may be worth a return trip as more items were recently added… at least, that’s according to the group notice I received this morning. \o/

click to enlarge

Although my inventory has been officially declared a disaster area, I’m quite certain I picked up both the sweater and the skirt there.  Possibly other items but it’s all just a blur, really. As this time of year is. 😐


Hair: WAKA & Yuki HAIR 107 “TYPE A”
Skin: *YS & YS* Zara 03 Fall
Eyes: Poetic Colors – grey sea – medium
Eyelashes: Silhouette Lashes: WIIDOW (Lush)
Necklace: > alaMood < Mora Gabby
Sweater: !Ohmai Granny Made It [COFFEECOMPANY] (Jacket)
Shirt: *Luck, Inc* part of the Tankdress, Arme Green
Tank: MIEL CALI TANK – undietop – bark
Skirt: barbee. Long Skirt “AKE” black
Socks: *salire knit long socks/brown
Boots: *KUROTSUBAKI* feather_boots_khaki
Poses: MNK Shop

I was so impressed with the skirt that I took a tp over to the barbee main store to check out the rest of the designs. How come I’ve never been to this store before? *boggle*

Anyway, I picked up this ensemble which includes the dress, tights and scarf. It’s rare that I’ll buy an entire outfit packaged like this and even rarer that I’ll wear all of the items at the same time. No matter how nicely an oufit is designed and packaged, I always feel I can replace and/or throw on more layers to snaz it up a bit. It’s one of my obsessions and part of my charm. No, really.

Not this time, though. /me loves as is.

click to enlarge


Hair: >TRUTH< Anise – night
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (tanned/br) natural
Eyes: Poetic Colors – grey sea – medium
Eyelashes: Silhouette Lashes: WIIDOW (Lush)
Earrings: Dark Mouse Gold Splashed Earrings
Bangles: Zaara: kaya onyx  bracelet  *gold*
Dress/Scarf/Tights: barbee. “CINEMA” black
Boots: [Stellar] Kenai Boots – Charcoal

As an added note, if the pictures seem a bit… off… it’s because I received a new graphics card and monitor for Christmas and am still familiarizing myself with the settings. That said, I guess Christmas ain’t all bad. 😉 I’m still glad it’s over, though.


  1. December 28, 2009 at 7:27 am

    The outfits from barbee look really cute on you. My problems with the store are this: The landing spot is very nondescript. I had to pan around to figure out how to even get in to the store. Then the store itself was very dark, and the clothing was displayed in recessed areas

  2. Perion Leominster
    December 28, 2009 at 10:44 am

    Hi Anya! That is probably the very reason I had never seen that store before. I’m sure I’ve been to the dEVOL sim more than several times; just not the store. You’re right: its very dark and nondescript.. and requires a bit of extra attention to find.

    Attention is not exactly a strong quality of mine. 😛

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