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Tuli, Weekend Fever and some Gacha!

Plus a few other things that I can’t work into a title!  By now, I am sure you all have heard about the new Tuli VIP Group Gift, but I want to say how stunning I think it is too!  Plus, I hit up the SWITCH & Creator’s Pavilion Winter Sale this morning and picked up a few cute things.


(click for larger)

~This cute sweater/poncho is a gacha item from Honey*Soul at the Creator’s Pavilion Winter Sale.  It is only 30L per play and there are a bunch of colors to win.
~The chair is a Weekend Fever item from Mudhoney.  It is 50L and has 5 very nice sitting animations and not only that, it is copy!  So you can put out as many of these as you want!  Great deal!
~The bracelet is another gacha item from the Creator’s Pavilion by {millette} and is only 10L per play.
~The skin is the new Tuli VIP Group Gift.  It is a preview of the Eve skin coming soon and comes in a whole bunch of tones.   The skin is in the group notices and there is a 250L join fee for this group but Tuli is so very generous, it is so worth it.  This one skin gift makes it MORE than worth it.  Thank you, Tuli!  It is wonderful!

Skin:  Tuli Dec VIP Gift Eva (tone5/br) (IN GROUP NOTICES)  250L Join Fee/Free
Sweater:  Honey*soul Gacha Knit Poncho Maccha 30L 
Bracelet:  {millette} Gacha Noel Bracelet Quincee  10L
Jeans:  Miseria Black Market Peppermint Jeans  65L 
Tank:  artilleri zee tank dark green
Hair:  Truth Lydia Espresso 
Boots:  hoorenbeek LE.LOOK! l’homme Boots  Free
Chair:  Mudhoney Designs Weekend Fever Mellow Windor Chair  50L 


(click for larger)

~Here is a close up of the Tuli Eve face and a body shot.  The body on this skin is really lovely.   It is even prettier naked and has an adorable butt and really nice nipples.  I think this is the best Tuli body so far.  The brows, lips and nose are all superbly done…I can’t think of one thing I don’t like about the face on this skin. 
~I am also showing 2 sets of jewelry I picked up from alaMood for Weekend Fever.  Each of these sets were only 50L. 
~The lingerie is one of the iTuTu Christmas Group Gifts available here.
~The hair on the left is the new ::69:: Group Gift.  I am sooooo in love with this hair.  It can be worn with a hat and/or earmuffs, or without and you get a fatpack.  So worth it if you haven’t joined the group yet.  The fee is 300L. 

On left:
Hair:  ::69:: Group Gift MOG Cocoa (Fat Pack) 300L Join Fee/Free  
Necklace:  alaMood Weekend Fever Kalnera Mother of Pearl Set  50L 

On right:
Jewelry:  alaMood Weekend Fever Athshe Frosted Ice set  50L
Lingerie:  KAO Gift for iTuTu Group X’mas Lingerie  Free 
Hair:  Truth Lucy Chestnut  (retirement sale)

Skin:  Tuli Dec VIP Gift Eva (tone5/br) (IN GROUP NOTICES)  250L Join Fee/Free
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Autumn Freebie (no longer available)  
Lashes:  Cake Bedroom Lashes 


(click for larger)

~When I was at the Creator’s Pavilion, I also picked up this nice sweater from Meriken for only 50L.  It has a really nice prim collar which I am showing in the close up.  For the other shot I wore the scarf which is one of the Aoharu Group Gifts.
And yes, I know the hair is kind of in the collar in that second shot, but dammit…I love that hair so much and didn’t want to take it off.  😛  So you get the general idea on both the hair and the collar. 
~I am also wearing my new favorite jeans from [Miseria] which are available for only 65L at the Black Market.

Sweater:  Meriken Creators Pavilion Peony Red/Green  50L 
Scarf:  AOHARU BT KnitScarf G2 Christmas  Free
Boots:  AOHARU ANNEXX Group Gift KnitLegWarmers&Flats Christmas 
Jeans:  Miseria Black Market Peppermint Jeans  65L  
Hair:  ::69:: Group Gift MOG Dark Auburn (Fat Pack) 300L Join Fee/Free 
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 13 

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose

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