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Boots, FTW! Le.Look and Aoharu!

I have like 10 minutes before I have to be out of the house, but the Le.Look! boots are out and Aoharu has released an amazing set of group gifts!  I had pictures taken of some other stuff, but that is going to have to wait until later.  For now, I will just show you the boots.


(click for larger)

~Aoharu has released these boots are part of their very generous Christmas Group Gift.  There is also a sweater, unisex scarf and a dress for the ladies.  I think the sweater is unisex also, but I haven’t had a chance to try it on.
You want to join the group and then go to the little Christmas house in the middle of the sim and touch the gifts.

Boots:  AOHARU ANNEXX Group Gift KnitLegWarmers&Flats Christmas  Free 


(click for larger)

~The hoorenbeek boots for the LE.LOOK! 1st Aniversary!  These are amazing!  I sized them down to small to fit me…they go all the way down to XXS, but as I was editing, I realized I should have lifted the boot on the left.  Ignore that…the boots are perfect!

Also, LE.LOOK has lowered the maximum avies to only 28.  I found that if I just kept hitting teleport over and over.  and over.  😐  eventually you will get in.  And delivery of the items is much quicker now once you do get in.

Boots:  hoorenbeek LE.LOOK! l’homme Boots  Free


(click for larger)

~The LE.LOOK ladies gift from BAX Boots. 

Boots:  BAX Coen LE.LOOK! la femme boots  Free

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